Thursday, September 18, 2008

Anything good from Christian Hip-hop

Well it's a new concept for most people; now first things first, if you have any preference to a style of music then you're judgments might be partial and even hypocritical considering that all styles at some point were controversial; there's a dark side to everything. For the record the most popular are very shallow, just like the most popular Christin literature of the day (to these i offer no commendation- a large majority is comprimising, but praise be to God a faithful and sound minority is rising)
What must be weighed then? Content and fruit! I dare say that the best lyrics from the most theologically sound rappers are more profound and explicit than any hymn can be (due to conversational style and length).

Let me throw out different lines: This from a brother in Christ (recently performed at John Piper's church) shai linne My life’s a daily funeral*, but Christ is still beautiful* I’m fired up for ministry*- but business is something* I ain’t did nothing and I’m tired of the industry!* I don’t create for a check*, and it ain’t for your respect* I’m enduring all things for the sake of the elect* That’s why cats be like, “Shai, man! You preaching to the choir!”* I’m like, “Dog, have you seen some of these choirs?”* They need to be preached to-* it’s heathens in the pews* It’s treason that they choose*, looking for reasons to abuse* ....... God’s grace*- walked up to the altar at the age of eight* Live like the world after that And think they’ll make it through the gate* That theology is straight from the father of lies* In mad (meaning many) pulpits*, Satan rocks a disguise* A plot he’s devised* so sheep remain stifled* Because many times I’m like, “Are we reading the same Bible?”* * to help see the pause
Want someting even deeper from the same artist: Using an old song as the theme and chorus "were you there when they crucified my Lord, were you there?
We zoom in the lens on Christ's agony on the garden
Doomed for His friends- His tragedy for our pardon
Like Judas, we sell Christ out to get the treasure
Whether it’s the cheddar (means $$) or forbidden pleasure
Like the chief priests, we want Christ to surrender
But we want Him out the way when He doesn’t fit our agenda
Like Peter, we have misplaced, fleshly confidence
But we’ll deny the Lord when faced with deadly consequence
Like Herod, we’re curious about Christ because He’s famous
But we quickly get bored with Him when He doesn’t entertain us
Like Pilate, we see Christ and find nothing wrong with Him
But when the world chooses the wicked, we go right along with them
Despite His kindness, we seek to do our Maker violence
The fallenness of humanity at its finest
So now He stands before the crowd doomed to die
An angry mob who’s yelling out “crucify”
The way they treat the Lord of glory is debased and it’s foul
But you miss the point if you don’t see your face in the crowd

Now that's God glorifying lyrics! More to come in the future



Great words from Shai Linn. Maybe I should listen occasionally. (whilst reading the lyrics) :)

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