Sunday, September 14, 2008

Constrained by grace?

Sporadically I'll comment on this great theme. Yes I am constrained, compelled, captured, moved, amazed, motivated and in love with this great and awesome salvation we have received. God who needs nothing, God who has been pleased to create man, has been offended. God has been abused, fought against, disregarded, blasphemed, treated as nothing, mocked, scorned, teased, tempted, lied to, and made war against by His creatures. We have been, (you might still be) enemies of God- every sin is a personal attack against God, every rebellion is an attempt on His throne, we are indeed great sinners. We indeed have debt owed to God, this debt is required by the hand of His justice and will be paid. Well the wages of sin is death, eternal death for sins against an eternal God. Yet God has had mercy on a people, God has chosen to redeem a people for His great name, for His great pleasure and because He has chosen to place His love on us. This He has done knowing how He would do this, He would place the judgment every believer deserves and place it in full force on Christ Jesus. Jesus would bear, would drink the full cup of God's wrath- the wrath and terror you would experience in hell God placed on Christ while on that cross. Jesus Christ was the lamb slaughtered for a worthless, rebelling and condemned people. He had no need of us, yet He wanted us: Glory be to God. What grace, what love is this? If you lack zeal then think on these things, if you lack peace then think on these things. A proper understanding of God's grace is the chief motivator for godly living. For this we need a proper understanding of the Holiness of God, and then we need a proper view of sin (without which we can not treasure this 'great' salvation- nor witness to a true gospel). Grace has been poured out, and you will not find the end to this grace- you will in vain seek to grasp completely this grace; yet you must pursue the thought, you must in awe gaze upon the grace of God. I am what I am by the grace of God and so are you, you have worth because He has placed it upon you, God gained nothing by saving anyone- we on the other hand gain everything. Praise to the Lord for His great grace!


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