Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Discipleship Conf pt2 Springfield, IL 2008

This is the first session we were able to attend.
Speaker: Pastor Curt Daniels Title: take up your cross Text: Mark 8:34
Ok i will try to jot down some interesting points he made.
First he explained that the cross, it's not some sickness you have, not stigmatas, not some problem you're going through. He first let the text explain it "denying self" and "following Christ"
He stated this "Jesus was carrying His cross from eternity past."
He stressed the word 'willing', so may never have to pay what others have paid in order to follow Christ, but a true believer is made 'willing' to do so. "willing to die, willing to live @ any cost"
-"there are false martyrs (those who say they are willing but haven't counted the cost) the disciples were lying when they said they would die with Jesus before denying Him."
Proof? "Are you living for Him?, if not you won't die for Him."
Considering Simon of Cyrene (who carried the cross), he was "compelled"
"The Lord SOVEREIGNLY compels us (lays the cross on us), and we WILLING (responsibility) carry it."
MORTIFICATION: "Jesus doesn't say deny "things" (like say a catholic giving up bubblegum during lent) but to deny yourself."

GAL 5:24 "A man can do a lot of things to himself, but he can't crucify himself" "It's not something you do, it's something you submit to (God).
He quoted Thomas Boston "God had only one Son without sin, but no sons without a cross"

2 Tim 2:11 ...If we died with him, we will also live with him.
he referenced how he spent time in the military and that his father fought in war. he spoke that there are times when you are surrounded by your enemies and all hope is gone of victory; so what you do is resolve among your fellow soldiers that you will fight to the death. Pastor Curt explained how in those times remarkable acts of heroism are often committed at those times, WHY? because you are fighting as though you were already dead (with much courage).

For this to happen there must be a governing principle that would motivate us, Pastor Curt ended by stressing that "the love of Christ is the greater overcoming principle that God interjects within us-and to see this leads to our willing submission."

Throughout the message he called many to examine themselves and test themselves to see whether such fruit, such desires were theirs.--- Truly a blessed service, doctrinal, passionate and confrontational yet with tenderness.


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