Saturday, September 27, 2008

Discipleship Conf pt3 Springfield, IL 2008

A little slow blogging this:
This session featured Paul Washer Text: Mt 7:13- and Mk 1:14,15

He stated Mark 1:15 would be worded today "the kingdom of God is at hand, now ask Jesus in your heart"

He mentioned the weakness of today's preaching, and that discipleship comes primarily through sound preaching- "late 70's, early 80's was a time of major emphasis on 'personal discipleship' because of the mass amounts of people filling the churches, then leaving the churches"

Repent and believe in the gospel; "present tense imperative, meaning if you have truly repented then you will continue to repent"

True repentance at it's core is "a change of mind with regards to reality"
'the lost man is wrong about EVERYTHING because he's wrong about God", That's "the first reality that comes to a lost man."

In salvation "a man is shattered of idolatry, brought to absolute despair but not left there, in his brokenness he finds real joy because he stops looking at self."

Blessed are the meek---->"who are the meek, Ps 37:11, which is defined by verses 1-10

Mt 7 "the false teacher is marked by the fruit he bears and the gospel he preaches"

2 TIm 4:1- "false teachers ARE God's judgment ON people who don't want the truth, they aren't victims" ouch! What a thought, i think we are too quick to excuse those under false teaching as well as false teachers ignoring much of what the scriptures and the apostles had to say about them

Paul Washer emphasized how God disciplines his children, he won't allow them to just live in sin. He gave this example "say i was the pastor coming home late from a conference and i noticed your 13yr old daughter hanging out in a crowd on a corner, well i wouldn't go to your daughter, i'd go to your house and then i'd rebuke you for being a derelict father who's letting his child run wild, now if that's a perfectly acceptable response. Then to say God has children that He can't control or won't discipline is to say that God is a derelict father (hinting at the false 'carnal' Christian teaching).

He remarked to the absurdity of explaining "a bad tree cannot produce good works" means that a lost man can do nothing, absolutely nothing to gain God's favor, it has to be grace, a lost man is dead in sin he CAN't do good AND YET when it comes to explaining "a good tree cannot, produce bad fruit" a completely different interpretation (hermeneutic) to explain that one (again destroying the ridiculous notion of a 3rd category of man; the carnal Christian).

He made the remark of 3 major problems in interpretation;
1. Looking for a key to prophecy that ignores how Jesus and the apostles presented it, and/or how they understood it
2. Taking verses that speak of a reality (a state) as promises
3. Allegorizing scripture into poetry, just beautiful ways of saying things, but surely cannot mean what it seems to mean.

Well that's about the gist of it---God bless


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