Saturday, September 13, 2008

Fed up with Church!

Is that how you feel sometimes? CONSIDER THIS: that the church is a means (tool) of grace that God has instituted for your good. The church is the pillar of the faith, God has called men to prepare God's people for works and to equip them in the knowledge of God (this is primary). A place of shared delights and shared burdens, a center of fellowship (which is exclusively spiritual-Christ centered relationships). Individualy every believer represents Christ and must strive to honor God in our lifestyles; yet the church does this on an even wider scale, holding the attention of the world. Many people define their views of the faith by a church they have visited or seen. The church then must strive for purity, being governed by the word of God and conforming to the knowledge of the truth it's exposed to, not tradition.
SO WHAT? Well, the first thing that must be asked is "are you right, but wrong or just wrong?"
That depends primarily on why you have a problem with a particular church, is it because you see the church failing to care for the flock and to represent God as He should be represented (this means you are concerned about His glory) or are you blaming the church for personal or family problems for not motivating you enough to pursue Christ daily? This is very easy to do, yet it's not the duty of the church to produce desire, only Christ can do that. If you are in an unhealthy church what are you doing about it? Just complaining (sin), just pointing out it's errors to eveyone (sin), just avoiding everyone (sin), leaving the church (may be wise). Yet if you are still there and seek to keep focused on God's glory and not becoming self focused- then you must do something. Pray for the church, cry out for the leadership: to be bold, to become more solid in doctrine and pray for a door to address such problems.
What about me? Well you'll need to pursue good teaching, get some old books (depending on your reading style)-Listen to sermons (get them online):Check out Paul Washer, Albert Martin, Joel Beeke, Jeff Noblit. Above that, devote yourself to studying the word (read and reread) and pray for God's leading.


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