Saturday, September 13, 2008

Hello out there

Mic check 1,2 - 1,2 Is this thing on?
Live on the WWW wow! Grace and peace to all in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. My name is Julius. "First i'm a husband, then i'm a father, and then when i have any time left i minister" (Paul Washer). Introduced to the faith at about 11 yet no real conversion (no salvation), then fast forward about 10 yrs and I'm CAPTURED by GRACE, given a new heart with new desires. My wife met me on the day she was saved (i preached to an audience of maybe 5) fast forward about 6mths we have our first date (which the close to that night was the engagement), fast forward about 6weeks later and we're married. Just celebrated 5 yrs of marriage, currently we have 5 boys (one set of twins) under 4 and expecting who knows what in April- praise the Lord, I guess you could say we take literally that 'children are a blessing from the Lord" (ever heard of people not wanting more blessings?). Ministry? Well i certainly have felt the call of God before conversion (as Iain Murray) and you could say I'm in constant preperation; but currently i serve as a volunteer chaplain at a county jail (holding 2hr services several Sundays a month) and minister every Sat morn at a juvenile facility (45min session), as well as serve whenever given the opportunity at my local church. Well that should suffice for an intro: I plan to share much on various topics in the near future. For His Glory alone.


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