Monday, September 15, 2008

How long?

How long has it been my dear reader (true believer), since you felt the warmth of the Father's touch? How long has it been since you burned while reading the scriptures? How long has it been since you mourned over your weaknesses? How long has it been since you longed to see souls saved? How long has it been since you lost track of time in prayer? How long has it been since a melody of praise was welling up in you? Probably too long! Well then seek the father, don't make a resolution to seek the father, don't say to yourself "you are right, i really need to spend more concentrated time with the Lord, I'll start sometime soon" No No never sometime, today! Tomorrow! Ask God for a desire, as God for motivation, mourn and repent of your hardness, your apathy and come boldly before His throne of grace, seeking the enjoyment of Him.
It's amazing how quick we forget, how quick we grow hard, how quick we complain, how quick we give up, how quick we fall. Yet He loves us, what a thought. Yet God still loves us the same and why? He loves us in the son, the son is so precious, so valuable, His sacrifice was so pleasing to the Father that God can love us as he loves the son.: truly that is a testimony and proof to the finished work of Christ. Paul Washer says this "the greatest act of faith is to believe God loves us as much as He says he does in spite of our weakness". Amen to that and praise God for that, for without that none of us could stand before Him. Well what are you wanting for, turn off the computer and spend some time with the Father!


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