Monday, September 22, 2008

Oh so you're just a 'stay at home mom' or a housewife

Ever heard such things; you know there are somethings that are expected outside the church and things like this that shouldn't ever be heard within the church.
What a worldview many have today, that interprets it's values, standards and norms by ignoring history and manipulating scripture to fit our times.
Let me set the record straight, if this is you, then your calling should be the most coveted! For it is a high calling from the Lord, a fulfillment of what God has called a wife and mother to be, it's a step of faith, and for the financially challenged a leap of faith in absolute contrast to the culture.
Yet it's a battle, it's a battle not to boast as though it's credit to yourself, and it's a battle to not just conform to what everyone says is needed.
Press on dear woman, and seek first His kingdom, focus on doing all things as unto the Lord. Never forget that His love towards you is not based on performance, and your service to Him is not necessarily what you do but how and why you do it. God didn't redeem a nation of workers, a nation of soul-winners, a nation of busy ministers, no you are saved for Him, for the enjoyment of God; an invalid can still glorify the Lord (yet before the eyes of people he's useless).
There are people you will bless and encourage, just by the way you speak to your husband, just by the way you live, just by the way you react to your children: these are often more lasting impressions then some Jane-of-all-trades who leads the S.S classes, holds five bible studies for women at home and writes articles for the focus on the family. I'm sorry but that's not the high calling of biblical womanhood, you're not on HOLD if you have children, you're not LIMITED by not being involved in every activity, although you should take time to encourage other women (including teens) in the things you know they won't hear often and isn't valued often.
You are creating a haven, you have been given an opportunity to give yourself to the ministry of prayer, and if you have children then you have been blessed with a stewardship.
Never forget that they are His children and that He knows best. Proverbs states that child left to himself will bring his mother to shame. Your comfort is not your goal, decorating, sewing, and gardening is not what's important. You must give yourself to pruning that child, teaching him/her the fear of the Lord. This is more than homeschooling, this is by example. A child must realize that you do what you do because of what God has done in you. They must be confident that the leader of the home is God Almighty.
God commands you to discipline your children; WHY? because they make you mad or embarrass you? NO NO NO. First for His glory and then for their good, discipline even when it's funny, even when you are tired, even when it doesn't seem to work. Expect rebellion and look for it, expect to have to discipline often, expect for God to work in their hearts in HIS timing.
Don't buy into the enemies lies, don't let yourself be discouraged, just press on and plead before the throne of grace for strength to press on. I say to expect these things, because they shouldn't be surprises, they should be a part of worship. Just like a healthy church may have to discipline it's members, although not comfortable, it's an act of worship unto God. Endure to the end, in due season you will reap; you will look back with joy whereas many of the 'in-front' people will look back with grief and regret.


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