Monday, September 15, 2008

prerequisites for effectively preaching the gospel

Let me throw out some quick points (The gospel will be a constant theme)
if you want to be effective in sharing the gospel then there are some things that you must have or else you will not be effective

  • You must be convinced it's not about you

You don't have the ability to save anyone, that someone cannot be manipulated into salvation (or else they won't have it). It's not like sales---You bear one responsibility: FAITHFULNESS faithfulness to the truth and attitude of the gospel (you present God's truth and you genuinely long for that persons salvation)

  • You must be convinced of their problem

A lot that is said concerning this: for the most part hinders the majority of the church from reaching out- You have groups of people telling you that there are all these different types of people out there and that you must be able to engage them from where they are coming from-most of the time this is not from pastors or ministers but from people who debate, people who write books but not people seeing souls saved. My concern is for the average church member who lacks basic bible knowledge and is overwhelmed by all these things he/she must know before he/she can reach this or that culture. Let me say that a great deal of this is major stumbling block to evangelism. Jc Ryle in Practical Religion made reference to a man that said "give me a candle and a bible and lock me in a room and I'll tell you everything that's going on and what the solutions are" Now that's what i call a belief in biblical sufficiency. It has been said "you can win the argument and still lose the war" (something like that). Sin is the problem, you must be convinced of that, that 'men loved darkness rather than light' let nothing move you from this reality, don't let this reality be avoided- preach the law to reveal it. When you go to a person don't be distracted by labels (evolutionist, atheist, post modern, etc...) not saying that you can't ever address these things but you must keep in your mind that you are speaking to a sinner (a rebel, a blind and depraved soul) it may seem rude but get to the gospel as quick as you can, it could be something like this "I really don't know about that, but let me tell you what I do know, let me tell you what the bible says, even if you don't think it's true, it IS........"

  • You must be convinced of the word's power

The bible is powerful and effective (Heb 4), it cuts to the heart, it is what the Holy Spirit bears witness to and brings back to remembrance: if you preach to a person don't leave them with your words, they must hear what God says. No make sense? Of course not it's foolishness, but it's exactly how God has seen fit to reach men. Don't seek for exceptions, stand upon the norm of the scriptures and history: The preaching of the word is the primary, predominate way God saves sinners. The gospel is the "power of God unto salvation" (Rom 1). In 2 Tim 4 Paul attempts to prepare Timothy for what he will have to endure, He tells him how people won't want the truth, they'll want to be tickled, they be fed up with hearing "the bible says.." and you know what Paul's master advice is "PREACH THE WORD" AMEN to that!

  • You must be convinced of the gospels effect

No matter what you see with your eyes, no matter how rough the character of the person you speak to, no matter how intensely wicked his/her environment; God will make that person a new creature. Men are dead in sin, there's nothing worse than that, nothing less responsive then dead things, yet God breathes life into a soul that is saved. God gives no half conversions, and don't you present one either. Testify to the great change of salvation (regeneration) let the person know that they will know and so will others that a great change has token place if it's real. Don't buy the lies that it's harder for some people, or think to yourself this person is so close to being saved- what's close half-dead NO! There's no such thing, in fact that person is usually harder to reach because he/she is trusting in their morality. You must go to a man/woman in faith that God can do a drastic work of salvation in this person. The miracle of conversion comes to all who fully trust in the Lord Jesus.

To be continued........... I gotta go to bed zzzzzzzzzz


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