Thursday, September 18, 2008

Saved for the Glory of God

For the Glory of God you have been saved. What is deserved? Well what is man? A rebel, lawbreaker, idolater, and more. Now what is the penalty or the due punishment? Judgment, that's the only thing we could DEMAND from God. The only thing owed to a man is the judgment of a righteous and holy God on each persons sin. Eph 1 and 2 really point out how God has saved men for His own glory. (likewise as will be mentioned on the video clip- the judgment of God also glorifies Him-HOW? because God will defend His holiness, God will not lie, God will bring justice). Read for yourself in Eph 1 and look for the references to God saving men first because He was pleased too-not lonely, not in NEED of us, but because He delighted to do it (this will amaze you if you can keep it mind what He could have done and the cost of saving us-JESUS).
Likewise check out Eph 2 and look for the references to God doing it out of love to us, but always central in both chapters is His glory. His desire to reveal His love was because it pleased (Glory-centered) Him to do so. Thank you Jesus for saving wretches like me!
Small clip of Jeff Noblit with music (no i didn't make it)


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