Monday, September 29, 2008

To see if we'd love Him?

It is often deduced that the reason why God made us and consequently we differ in that we have a free will, to see if we would really love Him. I'm reminded of this because I was meeting with a young man who showed remarkable fruit and growth as a new believer. This young man, named Daniel had made a comment that prompted me to ask this question and expecting him to say this. I was thinking "i remember when this is exactly what i thought and would say" for one it sounded really touchy feely, it kinda made you feel sorry for God and want to cheer Him up.
For one to use the phrase "God wanted to see......" is borderline blasphemy, He is all knowing let alone fully Sovereign.
We must also keep in mind that salvation, the cross, was never plan B; surely to start reading from Genesis we might think that, but later God decides to let us see a fuller picture one of pure orchestration. (another time for that...)
A truth that must be forefront is that every good gift comes from God. That goodness, love, and all that are attributes of God. God defines these words, ok so why is that important- Well it's good to understand that the only 'good' there can be is from God (God is the Source of these things). So we can't even "love" God, or value Him unless God moves in us, unless He enables us to experience any of His attributes. In like manner this is why sin is so crucial, it's an direct attack, a direct antagonist to who God is-Sin is anti-God.
An even easier way to explain this is Heaven!!! What? Yes, i was chewing on these thoughts at work today and it seemed really obvious how we forget about our future place in heaven. In heaven we will be glorifed, we will actually be perfect, we will not be "able" to sin, YET we will be 'full' of love towards God. So to say unless we have an absolutely free will we can't love God leads us to logically conclude that the love in heaven will be false!
Free will? Yes free to act according to our 'nature', glory to God that He changes that nature and ultimately rids it of everything contrary so that we may one day be able to love, worship, serve and enjoy Him the way He deserves. May these thoughts bless you.


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