Saturday, September 13, 2008

Almost saved?

What if you are one of many who will hear the most terrifying words in all history "depart from me I never knew you!" ARE YOU SURE YOU ARE SAVED?

Short video by Paul Washer
Dear reader, don't take for granted this question: The bible gives repeated warnings to not be deceived. Your soul is eternal and you will spend eternity somewhere, those who repent and believe in the Christ of the scriptures will be saved. WHY? Because only Jesus Christ has provided a way and hope in God. Jesus Christ didn't just die for men but because of men. Christ was punished as though He committed the sin. Sin is disregard and disobedience against God, the king of Kings who has the right to do as He pleases and for His pleasure He has chosen to redeem sinners. Without Christ you are already headed towards eternal torment which is exactly what you deserve. But God gives grace, this grace provided by the blood of Jesus is what you don't deserve. Will you reject such hope, such love, and such a God. Will you ignore this gospel and continue in your own way? To sin against this love is the worst you could do, to continue in rebellion is the worst of all crimes: sin always begins against God, and this is like spitting in the face of your rescuer, slapping away the hand of Him who can pull you from the pit. Those who are truly saved have truly changed hearts, they WANT to do the Father's will (please and obey HIM), those who are not can be summed up under one biblical phrase "we all like sheep have gone astray, each one has gone his OWN way". When you face God to be judged it will be like waking up from a dream (ps 73), no matter who you are or how much you're worth nothing like that will matter on that day. For the one who did not believe or obey the gospel it can be said of that person what was said of Judas "it would have been better if he had not been born". Doesn't all the tragedy around you alarm you, has God never spared you, why are you still breathing? He holds your breath. The judge is the prosecutor and the victim, and yet God offers a pardon through Jesus Christ, who is the only way, only truth and only life. My friend i beg you to cry out now for mercy, for God to pity you, for God to change your filthy heart, to cleanse you from wickedness; for today is all you have, tomorrow is not promised to you. Will you give more time to your choice in a house, or college, or car, or job than you will give time and energy to the condition of your soul. The only true test is the word of God, don't be satisfied with a "I think i'll be in heaven". Repent now and believe now! Turn from worthlessness to the One who is worthy, turn from temporal pursuits to an eternal pursuit, turn from fear to hope, turn from lust to love, turn from falsehood to truth, turn from yourself to the beautiful Jesus. By grace will you be saved, by grace will you live for God, and by grace will you enter heaven.
Read the book of John and listen to what God has to say to you!



Keep up the God glorifying work on this blog... I'll definitely be reading (even if I don't leave comments). Grace and Peace, Missy Mager

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