Sunday, September 14, 2008

Young People dating

A quick look at the reasons to AVOID dating;

  • It's not biblical, nor common to history.
  • Emotionally straining
  • Without a view to marriage is completely selfish (what i can get out of it)
  • Good way to practice divorce
  • A Hindrance to growing in Christ with others

Hinders time that should be spent with peers of same sex facing same problems

Hinders time needed to be around older saints to learn from

Hinders time that should be spent discipling someone else

  • Takes away time for personal growth

Singleness should be a time of PREPERATION (for marriage or adulthood) which takes a lot of self examining, studying the word, ministry, building a consistent prayer life (these get harder-not impossible-to cultivate if you try to START after you are married. Don Kistler (or Don Carson??) says "you should be more concerned about BEING the right person, rather than FINDING the right person.

  • MAJOR pitfall for temptation -are you seeking help from God in this matter, yet you won't consider that His help (way of escape) is to RESIST the temptation to play with fire. Perhaps you're wondering "what's too far?" Well Jesus said 'If you lust in your heart after someone, it's adultery' so too far would be before the petting, the intimate embraces, and so forth.
  • Confusing and deceptive to typically a sister

Men wake up and grow up, stop using this girl and be honest, What are you seeking? "I'm lonely" Get over it, she's not fill in mom; let us pursue godliness and the growth of godliness of others

If you aren't ready to begin a family, then don't play the field, it won't help any. Keep your eyes on Christ and the Lord will direct your paths. Ready for kids? Then don't seek marriage: it seems the norm to postpone (this could REALLY get me started) the birth of children, because a couple is so busy and has all these plans (which adds to the mentality of the day that children are not a blessing but a burden). The only thing that should be sacrificed (scriptually) if you are involved in heavy ministry is MARRIAGE (that's what Paul addresses in 1 Corinthians)--but that doesn't mean use dating as the way to fill in that missing desire (if God has given you that NORMAL desire than get READY)!

I could say more: like when you aren't focused on what God is making you and more concerned about finding a mate that you can often persuade yourself into thinking everyone is the one ('hello' oh my she said hello, maybe she's the one....). Like the many lies connected to thinking marriage will solve all your problems: lust, pride, grief, burdens, etc... No there's one solution, one factor that sets mature believers from immature believers; the pursuit of God!


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