Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Balancing Prayer and Ministry?????

I was thinkin about this from hearing this stated several times recently and hearing this from many different places over my Christian walk.
I think we somethimes say things as Christians that we don't really mean, or really ever thought about.
One of those things is the balance betwwen prayer and ministry, or devotion and study. Yet i must say that i have great reserves when i hear someone say this because I have never met ANYONE that spent TOO MUCH time in DEVOTION (or in prayer). I've never even heard someone's life from HISTORY used as a example of someone who spent TOO much time with GOD. The balance we can't seem to find is not devotion and study or prayer and ministry: It's self (flesh) satisfaction over soul satisfaction. It's the ordering of things eternal, most fruitful, most enjoying, over against things temporal, fruitless, and unfulfilling.
More than anything we suffer lack of humility, lack of discipline- we are too satisfied with compromise, with fruitless ruts, with knowledge. Oh Lord humble us, I pray.

I was reading this with my wife last night (from Maurice Roberts) and thought "this is good"!
Christ- Lover of our souls
(from page 6- i think)
'Even so today it is fearfully possible for a believer to be heavily involved in the fight against ecumenism or secularism or a thousand other evil things and yet to lose the tone and edge of his spirituality. But what does the Lord require of us? Is it not that we should walk clos to Him? Let no one imagine that the spending of much time conscientiously in daily fellowship with Christ will result in loss of service. Time spent with God in the secret place is never the cause of spiritual inefficiency. On the contrary, it is the highway to fresh vision and to new triumphs. 'To have prayed well is to have studied well'. This motto was Luther's and announces to us the secret of his immense labours and abounding faithfulness.

Brother, sister, will you read of Spurgeon, of Edwards, of Mcheyne, of Martyn lloyd-Jones (his wife testifying that he was FIRST a man of prayer), of the Puritans and IGNORE their examples. Do you not sense the drawing of the Father? have you never longed for His presence? I'll fight for doctrine till the day i die and fight for the furtherance of good theology, but if you won't SEEK His face, study all you want, get all the degrees you want but don't expect much unction, in preaching!! Give em God, pass the passion!!! Surely the desire HAS to be there, it wasn't their style, it wasn't their intelligence: It was their PURSUIT of Him that set them apart. How long has it been?



Prayer has been such a difficult thing for me... always finding an opportunity NOT to do it, or to do it with no real focus. Recently I've been attending a book study (About a call to pray) at Sovereign Grace, and I didn't realize what I was missing, and the fact that I was relying on my strength each day, and wondering why I felt so far from God. I have yet to "arrive" and must labor each day to stop focusing on my own self, and seek Christ. But I see the difference. Thanks for sharing!!!


It seems that I have been increasingly frustrated with my lack of passion in prayer. I want to weep and be filled with joy as I pray, but often my mind drifts. With my struggle, I encourage my soul with God's promise that "He who began a good work in me, will be faithful to complete it." Lord Jesus, may my passion be Your passion.


I agree. I think I'll go pray now...

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