Sunday, October 26, 2008

Churches needed

There seems to be an increase of frustration concerning the church at large- a real examining of what is called 'church' in America.
It seems there are two predominant groups pointing out these flaws of the American church. One group are those who abandon church altogether, they use the problems as justification for not doing anything or not being involved in anything. These are those who crave to hear all these problems pointed out, but wouldn't give anything to see these things changed. These are those who when asked what a church should look like, only reveal their own shallowness. The question is NOT what kind of church would you like to attend, but WHAT is a biblical church, WHAT needs to be in a church in order to fulfill the requirements of scripture. Then YOU must answer the question: Do you want the same kind of church God wants? Unfamiliar? Yeah so what? There are things that you must get over, like style of worship (simple, choir, standing, sitting, contemporary, hymns, hands raised etc..)-things that have more to do with preference then God's glory. For a short and sweet summary:
NOW let me say this: There is an incredible need for true churches in America. Churches that are centered upon the glory of God. Churches you feel absolutely comfortable inviting people to or recommending: those types of churches ARE NOT in abundance. THE mission field is EVERYWHERE, we are commissioned to go, disciple and teach. Considering foreign missions that work, which are those that plant biblical churches in places that have no such privileges. As Paul Washer often says "These people don't NEED YOU, they need TRUTH", brother Paul tells of the time (which have been many) a young man calling and telling him they he wanted to join brother Paul on the mission field (when he was a missionary to Peru), Paul had asked him about his studies the young man replied 'well that's not really my strong point, i just want to give my life away', Paul replied "no one needs you life, they need truth!" I just love that, it's so biblical. We should be concerned with the fruit being produced, we should be doing all we can to do to be fruitful-keep this in mind when you consider who you support.
The NEED in America is for biblical churches that preach the gospel, that are Spirit-driven, not driven by numbers, not satisfied with a bunch of people professing Christ, but RISKING all to confront each and every person with the gospel and with the the revelation of JESUS CHRIST.
Are you willing to do something about the lack of TRUE churches (the lack of fulfilling the great commission), would you support those who want to plant biblical churches? Pastors are you looking to raise up leaders within your congregation that will be ready to plant true churches? I'm not a satellite church fan, churches that have a screen where someone preaches because they can't hold as many people in their sanctuary (i understand there are some good teachers that do this), this is in my estimate is a failure to pour into other men that are called to the ministry.
The great commission is NOT: share a flash gospel with as many people as you can, so you can sleep better at night and then feel important during testimony time because you had a lot of decisions. PEOPLE ARE NOT NUMBERS!!! I don't think there are many people who when the first time they were witnessed to (or what's called that) get saved. Yet because many are pulling for a 'salvation prayer' at the end (or inviting someone to a special event with an salvation by prayer altar call) it leaves people only hearing something of the gospel ONCE then from that point on they feel as though they 'got IT', from there they walk about unconcerned and secure and when someone tries to confronts them with the gospel they reply "don't worry about me, I'm saved!" and the average Christian in America would reply "OK, praise the Lord" What's the problem? THE PROBLEM IS THAT THESE PEOPLE DON'T HAVE A CHANCE TO HEAR THE TRUE GOSPEL, A COMPLETE GOSPEL, AN EXAMINING GOSPEL, BECAUSE YOU DIDN'T CARE THAT THE CHURCH YOU LEFT THEM AT IS NOT PREACHING THOSE TRUTHS!!!!! So the problem only continues, and the name and meaning of Christian is further clouded and redefined! It's the same as a family that has children that are malnourished and neglected, that hears of the great need out there of adoptions, so decides they will adopt a group of children! Immediately you see the problem with that right? Yet this is exactly how evangelism is predominately viewed.

Here is a conference I would personally recommend above all the other conferences that I know of: I WILL be going this TIME! The past conferences (dvds) have been very resourceful, convicting, passionate, and to the point:

Well i we could go on for hours about this (which Macarthur says, is what a preacher says when he's run out of material). No but seriously, i got some other thoughts from other angles that i'll post later.


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