Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Discipleship Conf pt4 Springfield, IL 2008

Well this dinner was for Pastors, elders, seminary students and me :) .
Pretty much it was "ask Paul Washer" time. Which of course meant that he got to have about two bites, before having to preach again.
Well the first question regarded balancing time: a pastor that has a house church, who also works full time, the pastor asked how to balance time, family, work, and ministry along with personal devotions and books. Paul answered that we don't have to break one of God's laws in order to fulfill others. (meaning) First the family (note: that's a qualification of an elder), and then as an employee his job ('provides for his household'). Paul made the point: 'people often talk about how they don't get much time with their kids but the time they get is 'quality' time, there's no such thing, 'quality' comes out of quantity, in the midst of much time there are some 'quality' times. It's unbiblical for people to talk of having to sacrifice their family for ministry"
Paul also emphasized getting in the word and making sure that you are nurturing your own soul, not just to get sermons.
Another had asked about his concern over a family member who professes to believe, yet they love Joel Osteen and how to approach that. Paul said to ask them first what they like about Joel Osteen (this advice would equally apply to anyone) , then to ask them what they think a Pastor should look like and why? Is it personal preference or what they see the bible says.
Then ask them to define what gospel they are preaching and also asking what are the elements of a true gospel?
Last question by the Pastor, Curt Daniels "what books you recommend or have effected you most?" Well he didn't have much time, but quickly referenced a few "Autobiography of George Mueller" "Spiritual secrets by Hudson Taylor" (he noted this one with caution -Keswick-) , Calvins Commentary and John Gills commentary (also noting caution of Gill's hyper-calvinism).

Well that's enough for now, it was truly sweet communion.


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