Thursday, October 2, 2008

If God is good why do bad things happen (why hell)

I question of course asked a lot, a question which is an accusation and a revealing of a lack of knowledge concerning God's holiness and our depravity.

Here is Voddie Baucham at a Desiring God conf (i personally ONLY liked this sermon out of the whole conf) Need a good book on family get 'family driven faith" by Voddie

Now this is how you defend the faith. Too often people naturally accept a question and begin to apologize for God (by the way they answer) or even worse they sissify (to make a sissy--made up word) God by ignoring blatant statements God has made about His governing over the world. Isaiah 45:7 I form the light and create darkness, I bring prosperity and create disaster; I, the LORD, do all these things.
This is biblical apologetics, not to win argument or even let the wicked hold all the cards. NO! You stand upon the truth of scripture and the promises of God concerning the Gospel and you go for blood!!!! Why do bad things happen to good people? Answer "There is none good, no not one" Roms 3:12 This is exactly how Jesus answered, NOT by talking about how 'nice' and cuddly God is and that His hands are pretty much tied and oh how he never wanted things to turn out like this (sounds like he couldn't predict and couldn't control hmmmm), "you See we all make bad choices and these bad choices...." NO NO NO! You are missing the point and missing a great opportunity for the gospel. TWO major problems with all men 1. He loves his sin 2. sin isn't that bad: Don't avoid this truth, confront it, indict man. Oh yeah I mentioned how Jesus addressed this problem; Well Jesus is asked why bad things just happened to certain groups LUKE 13:1-5 Jesus doesn't answer their question per se, He confronts the problem! He says 'Look you're also a sinner, it's only by grace that you are still alive (see Jonathan Edwards 'sinners in the hands of an angry God' for a similar summary), what you deserve is punishment, everyone one deserves to be punished and will be unless they repent! (more on this thought later) NEVER apologize for God, and NEVER make Him fit the thin-skinned PUBLIC.
Even to the point where you might have to answer "Because He's God and can do as He pleases, and since He hasn't revealed this you don't have a right to know!" There is nothing more pitiful to hear than a sermon where every time something that is remotely convicting is spoken there is an apology added to it, don't dull the sword!



Good thoughts! I agree completely...because what you said here is completely biblical.


Julius, I appreciate you. Thanks for posting the video,and your comments. It has certainly given me a clearer view in the area of defending my faith.

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