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Here again a song from my favorite artist, indeed this is my favorite worship song. Yes deep theology, and deeply intimate- If you have reserves about this genre i could understand (look for the first post on this subject). Of course most of the problem is a cultural mindset when you think "rapper" (baggy, rebellious, scary, stupid) NOPE! Even many secular artists are more than just songwriters they are pushing a philosphy. It's simply a conversational music form, defined good by what is spoken and for who is getting the glory- I for one can't stand 'country music' and my wife hates the 'organ' go firgure! :)
Here's a shocker: this artist is not currently selling any albums, because he is being disciplined and during this process his records are not for sale (imagine true church discipline administered by a Christian label!!!!!)

Timothy Brindle album: Killing Sin (yes an album based upon MORTIFICATION)
here's the lyrics for the whole song

Verse 1: Why I’m pleased to sing? - Because you’re my Lord and Savior! / My High priest and King- and the worlds Creator/ My Shepard and Master whom I adore and applaud/ The image of the Father- You are the Glory of God/ It’s blushing in your face/ I’m smothered in your grace/ Which nothing can erase/ Because you suffered in my place/ You get all praise from the sinner pleading/ Though you finished bleeding/ You’re still busy interceding/ I’m forgiven because you made the amazing ascension/ You’re my wisdom and sanctification redemption/ Your perfect life is credited to my account/ Yo I’ma worship Christ forever kid I’ma shout (“WORTHY!”)/ Levitate when I meditate on Your Excellencies/ You bled on my stead- my federal head- You represent me/ Your death was the fee- so your elect can be free/ Called us effectually- it was predestined to be.
Hook (means chorus):
In Christ we’re free because His price redeems us/ Exciting me enticing me to flee lust/ Refrain form sin- its ways are grim/ There’s no greater thing-..... to delight in Jesus

Verse 2:
You’re the Lion- yet the Lamb/ You’re divine yet you’re a man/ You’re Messiah and “I AM”/ You’re triumphant in you’re plan/ Resurrected in all power and might/ Exalted in all glory and honor- the Father showered the Christ/ Full time worshipers- forever we’re employed/ Christ came to give us the full measure of His joy/ I was deep in sin- I’d lust repeatedly/ I would beef (strife, war) with Him plus He’d beef with me/ But Christ reconciled us to worship the Father/ Fulfilled our existence- we’re purposed to honor/ Now I’m cursing no longer/ So I offer Him praise/ If not for His grace- I’d be certain a goner/ Now often Jesus consumes me/ With thoughts of His sweetness and beauty/ Not some weed or some brewsky/ Nor beer or some ecstasy pills/ Because to see the face of Christ is a superior excellent thrill.


Verse 3:
Christ You’re excellent- worthy/ I praise you Father He’s made me a vessel of mercy/ Now show your glory’s weightiness to your church/ And we’ll reflect back the radiance of your worth/ You have the power to rule and destroy/ But you’ll bring us in your Father’s presence where there’s fullness of joy/ And pleasures forever-never competitors/ Ever can threaten to sever you as my heavenly treasure/ It’s my endless endeavor to honor Him/ I want to sing because you’re so Sovereign and Conquering/ My vows due so I bow to A scribe value to my God and King/ You can’t compare your worth to pieces of gold/ You’re keeping me whole/ Worship’s a feast from my soul/ He’s in control I can’t explain how this suits me/ I feen to behold to gaze at your beauty/ And inquiring in your temple/ Face to face and praise your grace with no desires that are sinful/ You shed mad blood to cleanse cat’s crud/ You said that was your stead-fast love/ My master snatched this cat (me) from tragic sadness/ Gave me ecstatic gladness/ He lavished matchless compassion/ That attracts like magnets attached to cabinets/ You bought and claimed my weak blind soul/ Like going once, going twice, three times- sold! / To the God-man whose dressed in glory/ Now I rest assuredly because His death secured me/ A front row view of his majestic splendor/ Which will never bore me I’ll be impressed forever/ He’s a consuming fire yet He’s tender/ He’s Jesus Christ the most blessed treasure/ A front row view of his majestic splendor/ Which will never bore me I’ll be impressed forever/ He’s a consuming fire yet He’s tender/ He’s Jesus Christ the most blessed treasure.Ending Hook: All praise to Christ from grateful men/ Give praise to Him who saved us/ Then takes us in/ Then makes us kings to reign with Him/ We’ll praise with hymns and days won’t end so we say AMEN!!!



So you think Christian Hip Hop is okay? I agree. But what about Christian Heavy Metal (like the band Deliverance, they sound much like Metallica but with Christian lyrics). Or how about a really radical Christian "death metal” band such as 'Mortification'? The lead singer sounds like a demon singing, but the content of the words are good.

Just wondering if you are consistent or where you draw the line.

Julius Mickel

My thoughts on Christian Hip-hop specifically are based upon the content of lyrics (theological), the humility (in stark contrast to secular artists), the fruit of it, the gospel they present (which often throughout a concert is much commentary and some preaching).
I would apply the same to any-- although i'm NOT familiar with those genre's.
I could be wrong but again your questions disturb me, as if you are looking for a fight-- It won't happen here, not the intention of this blog.


I'm not sure why you are so untrusting. I like Christian Heavy Metal. Just check out my profile and you will see.

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