Friday, October 31, 2008

Must listen sermons

Well due to extreme fatigue i'm at loss for thoughts, but i thought i would put some more sermons that i would beg you to listen to:
I hope to have a more extensive list, one day i plan to put permanently on the front page: this is especially for those that may not like to search for messages, or have problems downloading things, and for those who don't read much.

Albert Martin (sound, clear and a 'in your face' older minister)

JEFF NOBLIT ( Pastor (the church Paul Washer attends)

Paul Washer It is my unswerving belief that only those who can preach down the pride of men, can preach up the grace of God (the puritans and the greatest preachers were always known to be men who could cut a heart in two with fiery zeal or overwhelm you in the glory of God's love)

Charles Leiter Pastor and Author (great insights, very easy to follow)

Let me know if this is helpful! Enjoy and God bless


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