Sunday, October 26, 2008

Prayer ruts

Pitfall #159 is (this would be something the puritans could do- but i just threw out a number for effect) prayer ruts. I suppose this could apply to all ruts in devotion.
Just going through the motions? Then why bother right? WRONG!!!! Don't fall for that one, like we all have, assuming that a lack of delight should make you quit something. Or even the fact that something is repetitious; could a child, a spouse, a parent express too much love? Doesn't hearing the words "i love you!" get old? It certainly shouldn't!
Ever heard the saying 'pray until you pray', well my definition :) of that is to pray until you really pray, or pray and keep on praying until that delight comes. With that i would tell you that we certainly don't rely on those emotions, but it's not wrong to desire that all our capacities be lined up with God. When we feel no delight, we should ask for it, pray for a desire to pray, pray for a delight in prayer. If you dare Pray WHY you don't have a desire or delight in prayer.
This applies equally to the reading of the word, i have heard the advice and would commend it 'read the word until it warms your heart", not some weird mystical experience but indeed a conscious experience nevertheless of God's presence (His blessing). There should be a hunger, a desperation in prayer and reading that mimics Jacob 'Lord i won't let you go until you bless me'. This i don't believe is done so God sees our seriousness, but so that we can see whether it's truly our desire. Ask and keep on Asking and you will receive, pursue Him!
Catch yourself getting weak, tired, distracted while praying or reading? well maybe just maybe you got a demon! You're a pitiful false convert then!?? NO OF COURSE NOT IF that's your experience THEN WELCOME TO THE CLUB, you aren't in need of an exorcism or salvation because of these things, but you must answer this: will you let these things STOP you, will you let them KEEP you from eating at the KING's TABLE? FIGHT!!!! Walk around if you have too, do 50 jumping jacks, set an alarm every five minutes, drink some energy drinks, blast a light in your face, go outside, run in place: (by the way these are some of my routines :) )
From what i have learned of others (especially older men who have fought well) the older you get: the easier it gets!? WELL the "ROUTINE" of FIGHTING gets easier, but the FIGHT itself is always fierce and may get more fierce. It's not that the fight is so hard, but it's the actual fighting that's hard. Witnessing isn't hard, the hard part is starting. "resist the devil and he will flee from you.." the problem is many aren't actively resisting, or you might say they aren't doing enough to PREVENT him!
Just beware of throwing out a routine because it becomes mechanical (singing can be like that: would you advise just removing it altogether??) rather seek to know why it's become that way, and ask the Lord to remove that attitude and to give you delight. Whether your prayers are predictable or spontaneous, nevermind that as much as are they sincere, are they coming from actual present thoughts, concerns and desires?? There are times where i might pray like that and in the middle i just stop myself and really talk to God "Wait a minute, i don't even know what i was praying, i didn't even think about what i was saying, Lord my words have been empty I'm sorry Lord because i wasn't talking to you i was just going through the motions, but now Lord ............" something like that. blessings

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