Saturday, October 4, 2008

a reminder poem-Choose this day

Another thing i wrote a while back that came to mind, i thought might be edifying for the body. My heart's desire is to be simple and to address things clearer or things rarely heard by the majority.
If you think 'wow this guy is really passionate for God', in a 'only God gets the glory' way yes, but truth be told some of these things have come at the lowest points of my walk.
This one specifically i wrote after a bitter repentance of repeated falls into the same lusts, i wrote it so i could print it up and for a time i used to read it every morning-may you too be blessed!

“Choose this day whom you will serve”
What will I choose today? Will I choose the One who choose me? The One who bore my filthy sins on a rugged cross? Will I choose to return the love to the One most deserving? Will I choose to sacrifice my life to the lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world?
I know what should be the answer, but what will the answer be today? Will I give in to my sinful flesh? Will I let those thoughts run their course, grieving the Spirit of God within me? Will I play with the fire and willfully pretend not to get burnt? Will I choose to pursue intimacy with the lover of my soul? Will I ignore the gentle wooing of the Spirit and continue breaking the holy law of God?
What will I choose life or death, a blessing or a curse? Can the Father be anymore patient with me then He has already? Will I forget how in need I am of the grace of God and that it’s by grace that I stand? Will I be more concerned with people finding out my sins than actually committing them? Will I choose to compare myself to others with my head up high or will I beat my breast declaring my unworthiness? Will I choose to indulge in the pleasures of this life or in the pleasing of God? Will I choose to abide in the One, without which I can do nothing? Will I just give lip service or will I choose to fear the Holy One? Surely, I must choose Christ, surely I must die today. Will I choose to forget the message of the cross for me? Will I choose to go back to my own vomit? Will I choose to obey through love or will I walk in vain religion? Will I choose to find delight in the presence of the Lord or will I just be a busy Martha? Today I must choose to sit at the Fathers feet, to minister with my tears and never to forget how filthy I was and still am! Father help me choose YOU!



It's hard to not be a "busy Martha" because -- the fact is -- she wasn't doing anything wrong. That work needed to be done. It's just that Mary's way pleased God more. It's tough for me to find the balance.

"It is good that you grasp one thing, and also not let go of the other; for the one who fears God comes forth with both of them." Eccl 7:18 (NASB)

Julius Mickel

THe thing to remember is that GOd saved you for Him! Not because He needed your help, I like what Ravenhill said after suffering a crippling fall-he thought to himself what can i do for you now, God?-and then it came to him: I can just Worship Him. That's the thing so missing from most teaching-everything is centered upon activity and saving people- But that's not CENTRAL to our salvation, God is. For His own pleasure, the thing Mary didn't understand was that vital seeking of God (the first thing), Just like the first church judged in Revelation: they couldn't be judged for doctrine or practice but for devotion [something we need to hear especially in reformed circles). bless you

Julius Mickel

uh duh I meant MARTHA, not Mary
Her fault was her attitude (motive) which was revealed by her frustration.

Shawn, I just looked at your profile (i was just thinking who's this?)cool! Bless you guys!

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