Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Salvation is by works

Consider this: What is the call to salvation? Or what should men be told when they ask 'what must i do to be saved?' REPENT AND BELIEVE
What is REPENTANCE? What is BELIEF? I tell you that they are both works!
Is intellectual belief enough, just a acceptance of facts? NO of course not!
Most would explain repentance simply as a change of mind or a change in direction. Ok so let's look at it deeper, what exactly is the change? A change towards what?
The extended version of what it means to repent and believe is this:
Stop trusting in self righteousness, stop trying to be righteous, acknowledge God as the only true God that desires all worship and all obedience, fully accept all your sins as direct attacks against God, accept that you deserve hell and GOd is just in sending men there, accept that only Jesus Christ can save you, and NOW: start hating sin, start loving God, stop being selfish and love others, start loving truth, start desiring to know and please God from now on! (am i missing anything else?......)
NOW: can you honestly look at this, looking at what biblical repentance and biblical faith is and think that it's not about works?
And NOW to relieve all those that have been reading this with a frown: REPENTANCE AND FAITH ARE WORKS but they are the WORK OF GOD, not man! In otherwords i hope you see how impossible the call to salvation is, that it must be accomplished by a miracle of God. It's not a decision, man does not have the ability to produce such a response towards God. The tests of true faith can be produced by NO MAN. We plant, we water, but God gives the increase! We prophesy, we speak, yet it's God who raises the dry bones. DEAD IN SIN: just a corpse has no ability to respond, so does natural man have no ability- the day of a man's salvation cannot be determined by a man. YOU MUST BE BORN AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!



wooo... you scared me for a minute. awesome word

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