Sunday, October 26, 2008

Without grace?

The holiest of men are only a step away from a greivious fall! The holiness of any man is derived from the Lord and the Lord alone. As John the Baptist said "i must decrease, he must increase", the less of me, the more of Him. Yet this is certainly something that must never be forgotten, idolize no man's holiness, certainly don't assume his 'secret' is mysterious. You see a man that has given himself to God, you see a man who fears himself. What many might call legalism, this man calls safety and let not this be confused with weak faith because a man applies more principles in his life than others. The wise man doesn't ask the question "how far may i go?". I say this thinking much of my own neglect in upholding principles that may indeed be 'permissable' yet often they begin to take a toll on you, on your passion. Surely the Lord wishes you to be free from sin's influence, if that freedom causes you to rest in Him, but He will wisely torment us if it only leads to our laziness. The Lord calls each man to active duty, to active pursuit of Him, to an active faith.
Yet again how amazing it is that the worth of Christ is so great, that God is so abundant in love towards His elect that we nevertheless our failures are loved with a perfect love. The very obedient life of Christ credited towards our account, what a thought (how infinitely mysterious).
There is a song (yes another Christian rap piece from the group: Everyday Process) that really points out the grace of God: here is a small piece
I could have been a slave to my own lust
Hooked on drugs, sweeping it under the rug…unwilling to own up
Or maybe a pedophile.
A sadistic misfit who gets kicks out of tryin’ to sex a child
I’d be who the devil’s usin’. Believin’ evolution
Screamin’ revolution for no apparent reason
Maybe an irresponsible parent even
Or a fool grippin’ a tool (a gun) instead of finishin’ school
My story could have come
To me livin’ a criminal lifestyle slapped with a mandatory minimum
My friends would have come
To my funeral cuz I tried to be tough in a gun fight and didn’t run

Have you ever considered what you would have been without grace? Even what you were was not all that you could have been. I made the remark yesterday at the juvenile jail that if i was asked what sins i had then (while i was lost) i probably could have come up with a couple, but to look back at that time, it's amazing to think of all the sin i was committing (now especially looking through biblical eyes). Yet even then my intents were way beyond my actions, my willingness was way beyond my actions- for me the one constraint that i had was a father i believed would have killed me if i did most of them- yet i really really considered doing a lot of things. Whether you know it or not, it's the same for you. In fact each man is TOTALLY depraved, meaning he is a natural enemy of God, a child of wrath (only deserving), yet each man isn't as BAD as he COULD be and WOULD be (without the restraint of God -common grace-). The darkness of sin could not be exaggereated the great amount of wrath deserved from God COULD NOT be exaggerated, and in this light and in only a biblical definition of SIN and JUDGMENT can any man VALUE GRACE! THis is why i will NEVER stop SOUNDING THE ALARM that we MUST PREACH the TRUE GOSPEL! "you mean for the lost?" not primarily, but for the RIGHTEOUS that they may be MORE motivated to PURSUE God!
Think upon sin, and specifically sin in YOU, think of all YOUR wickedness, of all that you COULD AND WOULD have done apart from the GRACE of God, think, think, think, and then after you are CRUSHED then turn to consider meditating on the grace of God, the love of God. One reason i say this is because NOW i want to ask you whether you can 'relate' to the worst of the worst? Can you now relate to the murderer, the homosexual, the rapist, the drug dealer, the extortionist, the alcholic, the wife beater, the cheat, the low down schemer, the immoral 'succesful' lawyer, even the car salesman (just kiddin)? Well can you relate? YES absolutely YES, you CAN relate because you also were a rebel towards God, you too fought as a enemy to the throne, you were a terrorist to the kingdom of heaven. Don't ever buy the garbage that the best person to teach you something is the one who's gone through it, the ex-thug should go after other thugs, the intellectual should go after other intellectuals --->that isn't biblical! Don't ever let it cross your mind "i wonder if i could reach this person?" OF COURSE you can't you baboon! Only the Lord can, stop thinking about YOU. Nor "I wonder if this person could ever get saved?" that's nothing but unbiblical hypocrisy, each man needs a radical miracle in order to be saved. That type of thinking is as ridiculous as thinking "man this person is so close" CLOSE?? What in the world is CLOSE to being BORN AGAIN, to being REGENERATED, to being BROUGHT FROM DEATH TO LIFE, to being TRANSFERRED FROM DARKNESS TO LIGHT???????? No such thing, do all things in the sight of God, believing as He has promised!
Thank you Jesus for your matchless grace!


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