Wednesday, November 5, 2008


What a pity, what a further reminder of the problem at hand these elections have stressed.
That problem my brothers and sisters in Christ, is the hope that is put into political leaders.
Discouraged by the results, certainly you might feel great grief over the depravity of man and another revealing of it. YET THE PROBLEM, is the LACK of energy, hope, and support for the CHURCH! Jesus did not say I will build my nation, but He said "I will build my church and the gates of hell will NOT prevail"
This is the need for the body of Christ, in regards to the church:
To have a greater expectation of POWER from the church (the church is the salt)
A greater LOVE for the church (a desire to see it prosper)
A greater FEAR of who the LEADERS are and will be
A greater DRIVE to purify the church, to see that it holds the distinction Christ desires
CHURCH= called out ones (called out of this WORLD system)

This was circling in my mind yesterday and today as i was listening to a Spurgeon message titled 'Eyes right" this quote stands out:

Now if the saints of old time gloried in obeying Christ, I pray that you and I, forgetting the sect to which we may belong, or even the nation of which we form a part, may feel that our first object in life is to obey our Lord and not to follow a human leader, or to promote a religious or political party. This one thing we mean to do, and so follow the advice of Solomon as he says, “Let thine eyes look right on, and let thine eyelids look straight before thee.” Beloved, let us endeavor to be obedient in the minute as well as in the greater matters, for it is in details that true obedience is best seen. Let us copy the faintest touches in the life of our great Exemplar
Let us seek a revival of repentance, let us seek to be more AGGRESSIVE in our preaching and teaching and let us hunger for truth with the end of obeying it.
If indeed the Lord has so chosen for America to endure persecution or to come under His immediate wrath then it's long overdue for the church to examine itself.
It's time we STOP spinning the wheels that are already there, and START putting our attention where GOd puts importance.
Ministers, elders, teachers you are called to FEED the flock of God, in order to do that you must also KNOW where they are: you must not ASSUME they are sound, safe, or even saved.
Do you KNOW the condition of your flock? I would beg you to follow the example of the preachers of past and start to engage and confront individuals, 'but that's not how it's done today' SO WHAT, start random visits if you have to. To the church, you too have a responsibility to know where your brothers and sisters in Christ are at, get personal (they're family you know).
If what we are doing is simply going through the motions, building up a cloud of dust and all the while praising anything called 'Christian' then we WILL NOT be prepared for any change, nor can we truly fulfill the great commission. Let this verse emphasize the point
Psalm 127: 1 Unless the LORD builds the house,its builders labor in vain. Unless the LORD watches over the city, the watchmen stand guard in vain.
The gospel more than ever must be defined and defended: Let me say this as clear as possible, EVERYONE thinks they preach or share THE GOSPEL: What GOSPEL do you preach?
DO you preach like PETER? Like PAUL? Do you preach like the men referenced by all as men used greatly of GOD? OR do you preach the modern, seeker friendly, non-confrontational, vague, "Jesus loves you and has a plan for you, so invite Him in your heart" gospel???????
I must quote this because it so rings true with how I and many feel about what we are fighting for:
From 10 indictments by Paul Washer: (and i can understand people that don't like this type of preaching because they don't like REAL preaching-not the sit on grandpa's lap as he lulls you to sleep storytelling)

And I will say this as a warning to the older men. Now, listen to me carefully. I know the admonition in
1 Timothy chapter five of the way I am to address you and so I address you this way, but there is a great awakening going on in this country and not only in this country and Europe where I have been and in South America and many other places, I see young men going back to the rock from which we were cut. They are reading Spurgeon and Whitefield. They are still listening to Ravenhill and Martin Lloyd-Jones and Tozer and Wesley and it is a great, incredible movement. Just because popular media and Christianity today hasn’t discovered what is going on, I want you to know that I would have never dreamed 15 years ago that I would see the awakening I am seeing, not through my ministry, but as I go to different places and see what God is doing without any of our ministries. Whether it is Holland, a thousand young men declaring, “Things have to change,” crying out all night in prayer for the power of God and the truth of Scripture or South America recognizing that they have been so influenced by psychology and all sorts of superficial techniques coming from America with regard to evangelism and now weeping and broken are going back and evangelizing their churches, or the inner city of the United states where I have sat up at times until two and three in the morning discussing theology with young African Americans in the hood whom God is going to raise up to do more preaching than anyone will ever be able to imagine on this day. There is an awakening. And I am going to say this with tenderness. Most men over 40 don’t even have a clue about it. Many of the young people who are turning back to the old men and the old ways and to truths that have brought awakening time and time again in this world, most of these young men are quite young. And they will go to their pastors, they will go to their leaders and say, “Look at this, what we have discovered. Look what happened in Wales. Look what happened in Africa. Look at this and look at this and look at this teaching. It is absolutely amazing.” And most of them will either turn it away or say, “It is nothing any different than what I have been preaching for 25 years,” when, in fact, it is completely different than what they have been preaching in 25 years.


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