Monday, November 17, 2008

Give them Christ

A quote by Spurgeon:
"I believe that those sermons which are fullest of Christ are the most likely to be blessed to the conversion of the hearers. Let your sermons be full of Christ, from beginning to end crammed full of the gospel. As for myself, brethren, I cannot preach anything else but Christ and His cross, for I know nothing else, and long ago, like the apostle Paul, I determined not to know anything else save Jesus Christ and Him crucified. People have often asked me, "What is the secret of your success?" I always answer that I have no other secret but this, that I have preached the gospel,—not about the gospel, but the gospel,—the full, free, glorious gospel of the living Christ who is the incarnation of the good news. Preach Jesus Christ, brethren, always and everywhere; and every time you preach be sure to have much of Jesus Christ in the sermon."

Without a doubt I will add that if you are ever to preach, ever to witness: if you have not sought to preach Christ crucified, then SIT DOWN!!!!!!!!!
Well for ONE you CANNOT FAKE IT, I don't care who you listen to, who you read; if you aren't passionate about Christ, if you are not IMPRESSED with His infinite beauties then it WILL SHOW, it cannot be FAKED.
So why do some still lack it? PERHAPS they're focus is wrong, their devotions are WEAK. Indeed they may have polished sermons, yet lack power because they lack passion. That passion, regardless of disposition should SPILL out of every word. READ the bible like you BELIEVE it, speak of the CROSS like you FEEL it, speak of CHRIST like you LOVE Him.
I believe every subject can be beautiful, and exciting, every bit of theology, every book and verse of the bible should burn within us if taught rightly!
This is above else why I absolutely LOVE the PURITANS despite the flaws, why I LOVE Tozer despite the SHARP differences i have with him. THE undeniable love for Christ and for other to see Christ as beautiful as He is.


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