Saturday, November 22, 2008

Praise God for the nobodies

More and more I am convinced that the best teachers are the least known ones. Yet there are some that you can't figure out how they became known, like Albert Martin. Here is a man, not know through books being published or through being popularized through major national conferences. Rather through faithful preaching of the word, a consistent stand upon the truths of scripture. A man who has not compromised throughout his ministry. Unfortunately beyond my comprehension this is not the norm of many influential leaders today, and i am speaking of those known for there biblical scholarship, that have indeed become much more lax in their thinking over time; convictions becoming weaker and some have even completely changed some views on foundational truths. Of the most known leaders, that when i think of a good example of unwavering conviction i think of John Macarthur jr. who i would call the least likely to ever more towards compromise and i truly believe that's an incredible compliment even though i don't see eye to eye on everything with him. Yet such an enduring ministry, and such consistency in preaching is rare; he's one that you're not going to find endorsing any and everything.
Back to the subject at hand, it's a terrible thing to think that some of the best preachers out there are not being sought after by the majority of churches even reformed churches. Paul Washer remarked how he never went to chapel in seminary and was questioned why by one of his professors, and his reply was that as long as the ONLY men that come to speak are men with megachurches and the faithful small church pastors are ignored, he would not come.
That's a really good point, because although we can mock the schemes of the seeker-sensitive movement, many are still as guilty of the same idolatry of numbers and educational prestige. This should not be, many of the conferences going on could be likened to a popularity contest, not a godly selection of the best teachers and preachers. Not to take away from some of these ministers (who i have intentionally not mentioned) but many sound more like business men, with their networks, connections, projections, and mastery of the culture's evolution; rather then prophets who come with a word from the Lord. When i hear of the lives and involvements of some of these 'giants' i think to myself, where do they find the time to be involved in all these projects, committees, and ministries.
I'd much rather have a small ministry that doesn't operate like a corporation, a small church where the elders really know the condition of the flock (I'm not anti-growth), yet if there was phenomenal growth i believe that's a call to bless another neighborhood with a 'solid' church plant, which is the pattern of some.
I would like to see, and i think it's right: to see more lesser known, smaller church ministers given more respect, and not burdened unnecessarily by a list of 'must-haves' when they should be encouraged to be faithful and disciplined. Of course that is why I naturally greatly anticipate the upcoming true church conference (, which will contain many faithful expositors that emphasize the centrality of preaching without all the modern 'requirements'.
Well it's time to eat so i guess I'll stop now. blessings


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