Saturday, November 22, 2008

reading a good book when....

I was just thinking, about good books, and of course my rule of thumb is to chose the most recommended of all books. As i have time I plan in the future to also read more contemporary books; yet y reading time is presently short and so i attempt to get the best i can, not just wanting something but everything!
Anyways I know and perhaps you know or you can know when you are reading a good book.
First of course I'm looking for content, i don't care much what big names recommend them, nor do i care what degrees a man has, I'm looking for good scriptural material.
Then i know if i am reading a really good book when that truth is confrontational, when there is a preaching element to it, an obvious intent to affect me spiritually.
Then (not that this is in any order) i look for a passion for the glory of Christ, a love for souls, and a zeal for holiness within the pages.
Then i know that I'm reading a really good book when it feels as though the writer has just left the closet of prayer, there is intensity and reality to every word.
Then lastly I look at each line, meaning how much do i have to read before it says anything; in other words there are times where i have the urge to highlight or photocopy something or paste something in a post and i can't find a place to start or finish, i mean that it's so good that i feel like i have to highlight everything. Preaching and preachers is one of the only contemporary books i can think of that is like that. A classic example is William Gurnalls Christian in complete armour, it's JAM PACKED full of meat and hard to pick small quotes.
Anyways a word of caution for MOST people that are not fluent readers, especially not of classic writing: don't read every book that is recommended to you, ask WHY they say it's such a good book. blessings yall!!


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