Saturday, November 8, 2008

Seeing IS believing

Is it? Perhaps you are of the many who assume that men must be telling the truth when they say things like 'well i have to see it to believe it' do you then try to reason with them?!
I hope to convince and encourage the body of Christ with this FUNDAMENTAL truth of the scriptures.
The first "let God be true and every man a liar" (Roms 3:4b) We stand on His truth.
The second "for what can be known about God is plain to them, because God has shown it to them..." (Roms 1:19-) be convinced that He HAS PROVEN He EXISTS!
NOW i must refer to two extreme proofs of the utter depravity of man, his unwillingness to repent as being his problem, NOT his lack of 'evidence'. It needs to be said over and over again that the MOST POWERFUL weapon the CHRISTIAN has for the CONVERSION of SINNERS is the WORD OF GOD! do you agree? I really don't know a lot of people that really believe that, i know a lot who say it, but from their excitement and expectation they prove they have more faith in a MIRACLE producing such results, or CREATION scientists, or Archaeological discoveries and (even worse) CHRISTIAN FILMS!
There was a rich man sent to hell, that assumed that if only his brothers could see someone from the dead warning them of the wrath to come, then without a doubt they WOULD come to true faith! Sounds reasonable right? humanly speaking yes, if you believe man has the power within himself to be converted, if you believe that salvation is simply a mental or emotional decision: yet the scriptures beg to differ! This rich man (Luke 16:19-31) was told by Abraham that if his brothers did not listen to 'Moses and the Prophets' then nothing will change them. Pay close attention to this: NOTHING is as convincing as the word of God, so when WE say PREACHING is the PRIMARY and USUAL way of God saving sinners, this is why. Let this sink deep in your mind, a man won't believe EVEN IF A GHOST WITNESSES to him, can you see clearly that a man is literally DEAD in sins?!
Don't fall into the trap of trying to make Christianity respectable and prestigious among the sceptics, sometimes (and this with care) you just have to be blunt and tell the person 'whether you admit it or not, YOU KNOW THERE IS A GOD and YOU WILL HAVE TO STAND BEFORE HIM, so let's STOP going in circles, but let me TELL YOU WHAT you MIGHT not KNOW......"
Furthermore let us look at two of the most remarkable miracles in the bible;
1. Moses upon the mountain: The people have been delivered, seeing the plagues of Egypt, seeing the parting of the sea, seeing supernatural provision, seeing a cloud of fire by night, and now seeing the closest thing ever to the very "sight" of God: at Mt. Sinai while Moses is receiving the law. YET despite all this UNDENIABLE "evidence" and "experience" they REFUSE to 'believe' and yes this word MUST be understood ONLY through a biblical understanding. Believing is linked to action, it is a trust, or an entrusting oneself to another (namely putting ourselves in the care and administration of God almighty). Israel NEVER had a problem with the EXISTENCE of God, yet when all their numerous sins are summed up: it's called unbelief (Hebrews 3:18,19)!
Ex 32 tells us, that while Moses is on the mountain less then two months: that the people although still within view of a miraculous sight on top of the mountain, impatiently demand a NEW god, which they immediately give credit for their deliverance (right in front of a visible manifestation of God); Once again, the HEART is so black, so deceitful, so God-HATING that NOTHING EXTERNAL can move it to LASTING CHANGE (fear, hope, belief, etc...), regardless of testimonies or anything else, you should put no hope in anything BUT the WORD of GOD rightly taught! Unless you let the scriptures convince you of these things, the response of the people will make no sense at all (seeing is NOT believing).
THE SECOND great WONDER that, would seem the most convincing is the judgment of God in the book of Revelation (tragedy often strikes and we sometimes hope these will serve as wake-up calls to a sleeping world, yet in this instance the world WILL be CONVINCED that God is controling the judgment). Ever hear the statement "if a man could only see hell for 1min, he'd become a Christian!"? Is this biblical? If you said NO then you are RIGHT (if YES then please reread this post several times before continuing). Let's take a look the remarkable exposing of the deep hate-filled rebellion of man in a couple of passages: REV 6:16,17 Shows how men are only concerned with the consequences of their sins, still not willing to repent but only desiring relief.
REV 9:20-21 Still under intense judgment men grit their teeths and stubbornly REFUSE to repent, though they have NO OTHER HOPE.
REV 16:8-9 & 10,11 & 21 reveal men expressing their disgust with God, they curse Him while being punished, NONE on that day will LIE and claim to be atheists, they couldn't possess more evidence: this as J.C. Ryle would say "if words mean anything" is clear proof that man is dead in sin, that he is incapable of 'turning to God' without the supernatural help of God.
The word is the SWORD, and this sword is powerful (Heb 4:12,13), this sword is the POWER of GOD unto salvation (Roms 1:16).




I hope you don't take this the wrong way when I write: Wow. That's depressing.

Even though God cares enough to continually remind us of how pathetic, helpless and depraved we really are, we still refuse to recognize. That makes me sad.

I suppose that's the point: No matter how sad these defiantly lost souls make me, they make the Creator even more so.

I know there was also good news in your post, but the recognition of our rebellion really hits hard.

I think I'm going to look for a cat to kick.


ps - I missed you at church today. I have a few unopened toy trucks that I'm looking to give to somebody with young boys for potential Christmas gifts. Give me a call if you get a chance.


I just noticed that you listed "To Hell and Back" as one of your favorite movies. Is that the Audie Murphy story?

I own that DVD and book (although I haven't read the book yet).

I like the movie because it's true and I can show it to my children. There are precious few war movies like that.

"Battleground" is another family friendly war movie I own. It's not quite as "true" as "To Hell and Back", but it's far more accurate than the misleadingly named "Battle of the Bulge" movie.

Julius Mickel

1. We no longer attend CF (problems having to do with theology and practice in several areas that i had hoped to see more openness to change....)

2. Yes the Murphy story, same reasons i like it as well

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