Friday, November 7, 2008

Sovereign Apathy

BEWARE church, Beware believer of what i would call an apathetic view or response to the Sovereignty of God. A view which responds with indifference, with coldness, with laziness, and ultimately disobedience. Especially when there is little bible knowledge (actual scripture knowledge not theological system knowledge), or growing pride that is not looking within but rather despising the ignorance of others.

The more crucial the doctrine, the more careful we should be to view and teach it within the harmony of scripture and refusing to come to conclusions without that biblical framework.

An apathetic view of the Sovereignty of God responds like this: "whatever will be, will be". It tends toward hyper-calvinism or even fatalism and in turn IGNORES the testimony of scripture.

BEWARE of apathy TOWARDS the LOST: Jesus showed us the father, and from His example towards the lost we don't find apathy. If anyone could be apathetic towards the lost, towards those who would never be saved, surely Jesus could claim that right, but He DOESN'T! Jesus had compassion and so should WE, Jesus wept and so should WE! Even the RESPONSE of the wicked should not leave us indifferent, it didn't leave Paul that way. Whitefield could preach and weep for souls. Let us NEVER forget that there are TWO commands that encompass the whole LAW: Loving God and loving our neighbors. These CANNOT be separated, and so the REQUIREMENT of EVERY preacher (witness) is that they be faithful to the truth (God) and faithful to the right spirit (man): meaning we preach (teach, witness) DESIRING greatly the GLORY of GOD and also DESIRING greatly the salvation of souls. Without both, you have neither!

BEWARE of an apathy towards the trials, tribulations, and needs of the body, don't hypocritically close your heart towards others under the blasphemous guise of a trust in the Sovereignty of God. Once again Our GOD is SOVEREIGN and sovereignty USES means, and these means include our prayers, our words, and our actions. Why did the church pray for Peter to be released from jail? Didn't they trust in the sovereignty of God? Of course they did and that's why they prayed! Why did Paul pray three times for the thorn to be removed? Didn't he trust in the Sovereignty of God? Of course and that's why He prayed! We pray for healings, we pray for blessings, we pray for openings, we pray for peace, we pray for the lost, we pray for the message, we pray for leaders, we pray for nations and we do this because we ARE following the example of the scriptures while trusting in the Sovereignty of God.

Beware of apathy towards your own or the church's growth. If there is neglect and disobedience then we should do all that we can according to our gifts and stewardship: we cannot blame God's sovereignty for lack of conformity, or else we will be guilty of saying God made us sin. If you don't feel 'led' towards something and you think that's the sovereignty of God working within you, then you MUST test that by the word, for if the word gives a command then that overrules your 'feeling of being led'.

This will only fall to deaf ears, IF you don't examine yourself: be willing to see these things if God shows you, beg for His revealing. You can be right and still be wrong, or you can look and 'sound' right and still be totally wrong. Beware of decieving yourself, consider the fruit of what you are thinking. Are the fruits of the Spirit abounding in you as you react to the Sovereignty of God? or are they diminished? Check for pride, for bittness, for annoyance, for anger, for disgust, for sharpness and the like.

The TEMPTATION that is MOST attached to SOUND DOCTRINE (good theology) is the temptation of PRIDE, yet the FRUIT most attached to SOUND DOCTRINE (good theology) is HUMILITY. Let this reality NEVER escape your pursuit of TRUTH, guard your heart by ONLY boasting in the GRACE of God, and if you don't see HUMILITY abounding then repent and repent often!



Amen brother. Doctrine that doesn't lead us to draw closer to God is useless.

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