Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Anticipating the TRUE CHURCH CONF 2009 pt1

I am with great anticipation awaiting the TRUE CHURCH CONFERENCE,
My friend Chad who is something of an assistant Pastor will be driving the ten hrs to get there and staying at the camp grounds @ $10/night (that's my kind of trip; cheap!!).
The conference consists of much fellowship, and q&a's, and of course flaming preaching!!!!!
The lineup this year has to be the best yet (i would say)
Let me briefly introduce each speaker:
The Host Pastor is JEFF NOBLIT pastor of Grace Life Church of the Shoals
This southern boy can PREACH! What sets this brother apart is the DRASTIC change he has gone through as a pastor in the SBC. One who used very 'successfully' all the gimmicks, and pragmatism needed to become among the 'greats' in the SBC. Yet the Lord exposed the shallowness of all these things, and Jeff Noblit finally allowed his theology to lead his methodology. Administering Church Discipline in his church, not just empty membership roles but the painful use of C.D. within the church. A Clear view of Conversion over and against false professions. A very careful and God honoring approach to Church membership and Baptism. It is absolutely CLEAR that PREACHING is CENTRAL at Grace Life Church...

Paul Washer President of heartcry missionary society
A former missionary to Peru, zealous for the Glory of God and zealous for souls. A reformed brother who doesn't quite fit in the mold of most circles. Of the three times I've heard him speak I've had the privilege of sitting and hearing him give counsel and answer questions, not to mention speak to him for several hours. With that said, I've yet to meet someone who can speak on such a tremendous amt of subjects with such a biblical worldview. Concerning the subject of the gospel a modern day Jonathan Edwards. Known to most for his "a very shocking sermon, so shocking the preacher was not asked back..."
(which is the most downloaded sermon on of all time) this sermon was delivered at a SBC youth Conference of about 5000 youth. The speaker before Paul was the typical youth Pastor, he made jokes about his weight, and even jokes about sin then very quickly transitioned into a shallow altar call, which the great majority responded to (very casually). One minister asked Paul why he wasn't counseling people at this obvious 'move of God'. Paul said that he thought to himself 'what am i doing here?' In fact Paul Washer had intended to preach an entirely different message. Paul Washer humbly confessed that even while he was approaching the pulpit he was under much temptation, he was tempted to just give a 'pleasant' message, a 'missionary' message that would open many doors in the future, why lose this great opportunity? Yet praise the Lord, that Paul Washer was given boldness and loved so much that he was willing to be hated. After the message there was one Youth Pastor who was incredibly angry at Paul and told him that the majority of his youth group was weeping on the bus because they doubted they were saved. Above what we typically see, Paul has also had to witness the horrible effects of the "American gospel" globally and is defending the faith.

Voddie Baucham Author, Conf. speaker, and Pastor/church planter
Here is a link to the core values of the church he is Pastor of, which i really think is great! Voddie is very intelligent, yet very down-to-earth (and funny), a man who models the things he fights for. A biblical father and husband applying the scriptures rather than culture to his lifestyle. Check out this link to his answers concerning preaching. Voddie was even on CNN during the elections speaking on Sarah Palin

Well I'll stop here and introduce the rest of the speakers later



Just watched Vodie Baucham on CNN, that was really interesting. He made a good point. But he is definately going against the flow of culture. I think he liked that the interviewer said she was going home to study her bible. It's a shame he didn't get to say more about how it is possible to live on just one income, it just takes sacrifice. Something, no one seems to like to hear.

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