Saturday, December 27, 2008

Careful about Media

Just some quick thoughts:
Regardless of your personal convictions, and especially of the pitiful hoops some even scholars use to make vulgarity, crudeness, even sexual immorality more acceptable, there is much to be careful about.
Saving all arguments, let's agree that in our good intentions we can be misunderstood, and these misunderstandings can become stumbling blocks to other believers, and they can also become ammunition for the lost.
I would say then be careful what you recommend, be careful what you expose others to, be careful in any influence you have to share the things you like to watch or listen to.
Especially ministers, especially in the pulpit; don't risk the site of God's holiness by a weak illustration from a questionable movie, use something else. Often if you make mention of something it stirs the curiosity of your listeners, who say in the movie store might say 'hey, this is the movie the pastor mentioned' and then maybe the mom or dad says 'i don't know about this, let's pick another one' then the child says 'come on if the Pastor watched it, then it must be ok' to this i would say be CAREFUL.
I put this out there as an open-ended principle without getting specific (no promises that i won't one day). We can too often cloud our points by the means we use and to this we must be careful about.
Parents likewise be careful to examine what your children are exposed to, what they watch; NOTHING should be passing their ears or eyes in YOUR house that you are unaware of. Filter or no filters don't kid yourself that there isn't still plenty of temptation left out there. The Internet, the movies they watch, the music, the magazines (edit them personally if you have too)--I like how Albert Martin a very strong and faithful minister said that his wife would serve him by going through magazines and catalogues and tearing out the lingerie ads (WE NEED THIS), know their friends, KNOW the standards of the parents whose homes they enter.

A real quick way, and i think enlightening because we don't often realize what we are exposed to, is a site like this; (i'm not particularly a fan of FOCUS..) which gives detailed reviews on current media. Another way i use to check even movie is to write it's title in google then a comma and something like 'content' or 'profanity' etc... You can even type the title and put "script" after the comma.
Anyways thought i throw that out there


Ryan Kasza

It was nice to briefly meet you and your beautiful family today. I had to leave because I worked last night and tonight at 7...So I hope to see you or at least chat here again sometime. Either way, let me know how I can pray for you and your family. In Christ,

Julius Mickel

Yeah you'll see me again for sure, the sermon was good and the fellowship sweet. You know for once I actually enjoyed the worship, something i've learned to just tolerate.
I hope to play together sometime, (informally) just for fun (The Lords and ours enjoyment)! blessings

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