Wednesday, December 3, 2008

How's your diet, and your wife?

THis could very well apply to all, but specifically i was thinking of men who are spiritually healthy in their diets. They have a good dose of theology, of the word, of preaching, of edification, of challenge, of accountability, they are growing in the faith!
Yet there's a PROBLEM! Now let me ask those men (and of course anyone could ask themselves)
What's the state of their soul? How healthy are they? Are you SELFISHLY satisfied that your wife cooks, cleans, and takes care of the kids???? And do you neglect to be CONCERNED about her spiritual health?
I would say to those who minister in any capacity at all, how in the WORLD can you FEED the people of God while your FAMILY starves???? That's not biblical!
How much time does she have in the word or in prayer? (how much do you give her?) Would you dare console her not to worry too much about all that but then get angry about her not cleaning or being prepared for something? (yes i've been guilty of such wickedness)!
What's the LAST good book (full of doctrine) she read? When?
What's the last good sermon she heard? When?
When's the last time she's been encouraged to pursue holiness (Christ-centered fellowship)?
When's the last time she was rebuked (healthy conviction) by a friend?
In other words what do you get, what could you NOT even imagine doing WITHOUT that SHE doesn't get??
I've only mentioned what good she has received, not even mentioning what garbage, what bad influences, what discouragements is she being exposed to.
THis has been much on my thoughts even in looking for a church home, that I must not look at where i can be used, or look for a bunch of guys that i'll like, but as a leader of my home i must be concerned that my wife will also have the opportunity to be nourished: indeed there are churches that have such a 'godly men, godly leaders' focus that they don't even attempt to teach the women, it's more like 'you women go do stuff girls do, while we men learn and talk about God'.

HOMESCHOOLING??? THen this must be even MORE magnified. Let's face it, MOST (not all) homeschool parents are really (as Paul Washer says) the Woman homeschooling and the fathers taking credit for it. SO with that said: HOW CAN a MALNOURISHED mother FEED her children, how can she biblically effect the MINDS and CHARACTER of her children??? Homeschooling is not a form of quarantine, rebellion is within the child, there must be a LOT more than just shielding them from 'bad' kids and 'secular' education. I fear that the only effect (apart from God doing a miracle IN SPITE of their influence) will be kids who are little pharisees, they'll be masters of pointing our sin in others, they will be able to spot heretics and will in turn make many MORE despise Christianity because they will be mean-spirited law-keeping brats!
For children to have a CHRISTIAN worldview they need to be taught it, by someone who also has a CHRISTIAN worldview and this worldview comes ONLY through RENEWING OUR MINDS in the WORD of God.
Let us be diligent to assume to the role of 'priests' in our homes, let us take greater care to the spiritual health of our wives!


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