Saturday, December 6, 2008

One size fits all preaching

Albert Martin, one of my fave living preachers, is a shepherd who is not known for a bestseller, or a megachurch, or an affiliation with prestigious men or seminaries, but known for his clear, concise, and cutting preaching.
I've put the sermon below of what i have referenced.
ONE SIZE FITS ALL? Pastor Martin spoke of how every robe he ever bought that said 'one size fits all', never fit, because he figured it was modeled by some narrow shouldered medium build kid. This he illustrated to make the point that in preaching there is no such thing as 'one size fits all' (if i was to leave this statement, i bet all kinds of things would be assumed-but let me explain what he said)
Pastor Martin spoke of how families have left some of their sister churches giving many different reasons, and he said that he would boil them all down to ONE; It's that PEOPLE DON'T LIKE SEARCHING PREACHING, he said they want a GENERIC message that doesn't INTERFERE with how they are LIVING.
HMMMMM?! I'll make some comments now
Surely this can't be TRUE among the 'reformed camp', not among the lovers of the PURITANS right? Sad to say but it SURE IS true for some. This is one reason why it can take so long to find a good church, because you HAVE to look for preaching that isn't Afraid to put it's FINGER on PERSONAL problems and not just the pointing of fingers at the extremes that aren't even faced by the majority (like a reformed church always referencing Mormons or BENNY HINN: that's not fearless preaching that's escaping the problems at hand).
Can you tell a person by the preachers they like? Yes and no
If i was to ask someone who they liked listening to and they said 'macarthur, paul washer, and mark dever' that to me wouldn't be saying much, because I'd want to know WHY they like them; and it's amazing who will like who and why they like them (oftentimes missing everything they say). Some people talk of liking 'hard preaching' and you listen to them speak and live and you are left thinking 'how can this guy like this stuff and NOT try to live it; they are talking about people LIKE HIM!?' Well I'll tell you WHY they like it, because they are critical and bitter people that only want to hear people point out the problems of the church or of bad theology, or a weak gospel so that they can feel justified in their Pharisaical SIN; 'yeah that's good preaching and that's why I don't even go to church anymore' or 'yeah THEIR ALL messed up, but i got my i's dotted and my t's crossed, those IDIOTS----BURN THE HERETICS!!!' These people DON'T like searching preaching either, but they have MANAGED to IGNORE every thing that applies to their problems and only hear what they want to hear.
Is this you my friend? Why do you like who you like? (is it because of the fruitfulness of the effect on your life?) Why do you read what you read? (agreeable and comforting, or truthful and searching?)
In light of the gospel, this is EXACTLY why a GENERIC gospel doesn't exist, because humans (the heart) are masters of deception and will do all they can to avoid personal conviction, it (the heart) will deceive it's host into a nice cosy sleep. Thus you must make it personal, you must be clear that a person grasps the confrontational aspect of scriptures and is not able to hide behind 'everyone' and generic labels.
Well enough with that; I beg you listen to this great sermon


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