Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Reaching the culture?

I was listening to a 9 marks interview by Mark Dever of David Wells: At one point David explained contextualization and what 'missional' means to him.
I would make one point that what it seems he is saying is not contrary to what MacArthur says when he speaks AGAINST contextualization. I believe MacArthur attacks what people "do" and Wells is addressing the simple understanding of the word.
i might repeat something i've said before, but i see the ultimate problem as being
1.Is the bible sufficient for all things? --->then 2.Is salvation a work of God?

Without a firm grip on this, departure from biblical Christianity is inevitable, and that including the direction and faithfulness of the church.
There definitely seems to be a great stirring of people and many are young people, that desire to see churches raised up to see things changed within Christianity. The problem that i see coming out of that, is one group is reacting to some problems to apathy and the other is recognizing a biblical solution to biblical compromise.
That to say with all the talk about contextualization, being missional, relevant, reaching the post modern world: there will be a drastic divide in understanding of terms and also a drastic divide in doctrine..which leads to a divide in life.
I believe that the group of those going astray or that are heading there are those who are looking for 'methods' of how to 'do' church, of how to 'do' preaching, and no matter how much they try to balance sound doctrine with such a human-effort mindset to faithful ministry, one will give and that tends to be 'truth'.
I believe this partially because, I see many of the younger generation almost rejecting the older preachers as too archaic to offer any real help, and yet they gravitate to the bigger up and coming names who have large churches and many books, who are edgy and popular as mentors; and some of these leaders can very well be 'good' leaders but what they are admired for is wrong!
It's that old lazy and apathetic mindset that is searching for the missing 'key', that thing that will 'work' today. Rather than looking at the biblical lives and practices of men used of God, seeing how that lines up with the word of God and following in those same footsteps, in other words; searching for God in these men, the work of the Spirit, not searching to see how creative and 'out of the box' these men are.
What most are reacting against i agree with; that cold 'we've always done it this way' and lifeless doctrinal dissertations spewed out Sunday after Sunday. That hermit like 'let's just read old books, while the world burns' pride.
I believe truth should ignite, that a preacher should preach full of passion, full of love to God. I believe EVERY sermon should be full of doctrine, full of theology, and consequently full of CHRIST. I believe that preacher should be incredibly concerned that his people UNDERSTAND what he says, that the worst thing you could do in a sermon is not 'rabbit trailing', it's not preaching 'topically', it's not forgetting to close a point, but it's ASSUMING the people understand VITAL TRUTHS that they are completely CLUELESS about.
We reach the culture not by being experts but by listening, by seeking an honest state of the flock of God; what we need most to know of man, we find in the scriptures; we need less categories to place people in, because most people just don't fit in them anyways. It's simple communication that works best, you listen, you question, you respond; don't just say what you want to say (the way you want to), but say what you want people to UNDERSTAND you're saying.


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