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Anticipating the TRUE CHURCH CONF 2009 pt 2

Yes once again let me introduce some men who will be at this conference.
In fact the first time i saw Paul Washer was in NC (my job was opening a new plant in SC and they were extremely struggling, and so they presented to us (in OH) my dept. that one person could go down for two weeks pretty much as a test dummy to prove whether or not there really were limitations to their production, well miraculously i was awarded this opportunity. I took my wife and the twins, while there i looked online for a church (many good churches in Greenville, SC) and then i thought to myself 'check out a couple speakers and their schedule' and to our great blessing Paul Washer was about an hour away speaking about 4-5 different times) anyhow the church that had Paul Washer as a guest, also had a few elders testify to the great blessing of the True Church Conf, this being a recent church plant coming out of the typical SBC backgrounds.

Originally one of the main speakers was going to be Albert Mohler, although i have to be completely honest that i'm not disappointed that Conrad Mbewe will be there instead.
Here is a mini-bio:Conrad was born, raised and educated in Zambia. He became a Christian in 1979. During his university days, while studying mining, he realized God was calling him into the Christian ministry and began to spend all his spare time and money acquiring the necessary tools for the pastorate. In 1987 he received a call to pastor the Kabwata Baptist Church where he has labored for the last twenty years, seeing the church grow from thirty–five members to well over three hundred. KBC is presently overseeing the establishment of ten new Reformed churches in Zambia and Botswana. Conrad is the editor of the Reformation Zambia magazine and writes three columns in two weekly national newspapers. He has contributed chapters to a number of books published in the United States, the latest being Dear Timothy—Letters on Pastoral Ministry, published by Founders Press. He is also the principal of the Reformed Baptist Preachers College in Zambia, which was established for the purpose of training ministers for the growing number of Reformed churches. Conrad and his wife Felistas have been married for twenty years and have three adult children.
Labeled as the "African Spurgeon" by many, and that probably more to do with his influence and multi-tasking rather then preaching. As far as preaching goes, I would liken him more to Martyn Lloyd-Jones (who Conrad loves, but doesn't blindly follow). If you have to strain to listen to Conrad, it's worth it all, Conrad has been greatly gifted to proclaim the mysteries of the gospel. Check out this interview, where Conrad also shares some light on Christianity in Africa Read also Conrad's answers to his preaching/study habits
Paul Washer considers Conrad Mbewe as one of the best preachers alive, in fact it was Conrad Mbewe who told Paul washer before their first meeting in Africa 'remember you're not bringing God with you, he's already here!". Some really great sermons can be found at i'm currently finishing up these (very fruitful).

David Miller, another very unknown preacher who can really throw out some piercing truths. David Miller is somewhat of a mentor to Jeff Noblit. David Miller preaches his sermons from memory, he is disabled (muscular atrophy) and preachers from his wheelchair, quoting very accurately from the scriptures. His advice on scripture reading '16 chapters a day will get you through the scriptures every three months with Sundays off!". Want to know his secret? "He is professor X, and is able to do what us normal humans cannot!" so said a Christian rapper whom Paul met in Chicago and then invited to the True Church Conference (I was hysterical when Paul Washer told us about this). David Miller is also my wife's favorite preacher, she truly envies my opportunity to go down and met him (i could think of no one i'd rather go with, yet she'll be around 7mths). If memory serves me correct i remember Paul Washer telling me and my wife that David Miller was an athlete who started to lose feeling in his legs as a young man, and more than that David Miller's son in his late teens (maybe 19) was in a car crash that also left him paralyzed.

Jono Sims
Good ol' country boy preaching, whatever that means. This is the man that Paul Washer calls a slave to scripture (one whom he says has a uniquely intense discipline to search and soak in the scriptures)
Check out this clip from the reality check conf.


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