Saturday, January 17, 2009

The beauty of God, poem

Something i wrote when My first son was a little baby, and when some of the most delightful times i had with the Lord were times that little boy was around (Ezekiel). I loved to hold him while i paced back and forth in prayer, or i'd being singing my own (custom noise making) worship to the Lord. As a new father i was continually blown away from the love the i had towards this child, knowing this child was a fallen selfish, demanding rebel. Yet it only made me think greater of how much more Christ saw the true me, yet His love towards me is eternally far beyond the love i had for this child. Anyways i didn't write it for people, i just penned what was on my mind--enjoy!

Oh the beauty of the Father’s love. An all compelling love, an all consuming love, and yet a love completely beyond comprehension. To know Him is to love Him, to love Him is to know Him. As a Father looking at my baby boy, I can just sit there and stare at him with overwhelming love; better yet I love to just hold him to my chest as close as can be with no regard to the time. Dear beloved don’t you understand that no earthly Father or human has the heart that can give the love that the precious Lord gives. As a Father he longs that much more for that intimacy, He longs to hold you to know you, without any regard to time. The Father listens in anticipation for His children to call His name, to cry “ABBA FATHER” which could be best translated as Daddy. The Father is never too busy, He always has time, it’s us who are too busy. Intimacy is what the Father is longing for; heaven for eternity could be consumed into one word: INTIMACY. We’ll need those glorified bodies to stand in His presence, to be able to receive that type of love. His word, His love letter to His creation tells us “He is love”. His breath on paper says “For God so loved..” , or even more it could say for God so loved those, who could care less, who resented such love, who would defile and walk upon such love, For God so loved those who were His enemies, For God so loved those He could have rightly sent to hell, for God so loved those that were separated from Him through willful and continuous sin, For God so loved those that He gave….. What did he give but the apple of His eye, He gave a gift no man could afford, no man deserved, but He gave anyways. The Spirit says “Come..”, it says “the veil was torn..” there’s now access through His blood, justice is satisfied and grace freely given, to all who will “Come..” Yet who cares, who is running to such opportunity to such availability, the Father waits, He calls, and yet so many are too busy. Intimacy is what grace gives, to know and embrace the Father’s love. Worship at His feet and adore Him, no time is ever regretted of when spent on the Father’s presence. What a joy, what a privilege to commune with the Holy of Holies, His beauty to behold, the awesome wonder. The Father calls to you “lay aside those worthless projects, those Spirit deteriorating entertainments”. Many know this world, many know history, many know sports and many know business, but who might the Father ask “knows me?” Could that first love be lost, could there be no desire, could there be no feeling, have you too grown cold? Then cast all weights aside, let there be no other lovers, break up with this world and sit at the feet of Jesus, anoint His feet with thy tears and dwell on His grace to thee. Let His love be your food. For nothing else satisfies. Let the men say with David “my soul thirsts for you..” oh for our hearts to cry out, Lord send real men like David who will worship You, Send men like Moses who will desire to see “your glory”! Precious children run to the Father lay pride down, lay self down and worship Him in the beauty of holiness. May one day we sing those intimate worship songs with our hearts, with our time, and our devotion confirming such words; let us offer up more than our lips but our hearts. Oh the Father desires to hold you, to whisper His love in your ear. Oh how jealous I am of the Apostle John who laid his head on Jesus’ chest, oh to be held by our savior. Yes that should be our prayer to have our heads held to the Father’s chest, to hear His heartbeat, to hear His heart-cry, to love the things He loves, to hate the things He hates, to weep over the things that grieve Him. To know Him is to love Him, in His presence and there only may we become like Him, may our cold hearts be warmed by the fire of His love. To abide in Him is what we need, it’s His desire that you abide in Him, for without Him you can do nothing, to abide, such closeness. No longer does He want to call you servant but friend, to tell us all things, such intimacy. Consider the love of the cross, what sacrifice, what persevering love. What a privilege and honor to visit and stay with the King of Kings, oh I wonder what men would give to spend time with the famous, with the powerful, and with the prestigious and yet they can give nothing of any value, they can offer no freedom, their wisdom is but foolishness. The Ancient of Days invites you to His banquet, oh the excuses, too many are building their own kingdoms, and yet the offer still stands “COME!?”. Come let us go to the house of the Lord, come let us pursue His holiness, don’t let the masses persuade you, be determined to see Jesus, to know Him, leave the rest to die in their apathy, let others pursue those mirages, but You come and follow Jesus. When? Holy Spirit when should we yield, when should our priorities change, when Lord should we clean our houses, when should the compromise go, when should we let you in, when should we surrender our families to You, when should we fast and pray, when should we repent of our tolerance, when, when , when?? Yes the Spirit answers, the Spirit says “TODAY IS THE DAY…”…

Psalm 27:4, 8
One thing I have desired of the Lord,
That will I seek:
That I may dwell in the house of the Lord
All the days of my life,
To behold the beauty of the Lord,
And to inquire in His temple.
When You said, “Seek My face,”
My heart said to You, “Your face, Lord, I will seek.”

Many ask who we might remember in heaven, will we see our loved ones? Many speak of the crowns, of the benefits, the riches in heaven. Aha! we’re so blind heaven isn’t heaven because of that, it doesn’t matter what it will look or be like, what makes heaven, heaven is that JESUS is there, we’ll see JESUS, His glory will give us light. Oh in heaven it’s ALL about JESUS.
Lord I pray may your will be done on earth, that men will make it ALL about You, just like in heaven, AMEN


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