Sunday, January 4, 2009

JOB-- A good father

Job: a father who led by example

Job 1: records that Job consecrated and sacrificed for his sons every week.

'In this habit of devotion Job proclaimed much to his children

1. Equality:
that they were all equally in need of forgiveness of sin, unless saved all our children are hopelessly lost regardless of outward morality.
2. Depth: Job performed such duties for his children in case they had cursed God in their 'hearts' àhere Job proclaimed
that restraint was not holiness
that God would first judge our hearts also that sin may be unnoticed due to hardness of heart
that we are poor judges of our own hearts
3. Dependance: Job by regularly sacrificing
modeled the necessity of seeking God always, even though Job experienced phenomenal abundance he taught his children that to prosper does not mean to relax, but to continually depend on God even if it appears you are self-sufficient.
4. Justice: The continual sacrifices reminded the children
that sin must be punished
that death is the only suitable punishment

A father must teach his children diligence, that in order to reap we must sow, in turn a father must teach his children to fear unrighteousness because they will reap what they sow.

A father must strive to build character in his children, character as defined by God.
Integrity (a life that lives before the eyes of God, not man)
Honesty (speaking the truth in love at all costs)
Humility (utter dependence through devotion and utter denial of self by pointing all glory to God alone),
Gentleness, (a gracious and merciful response to all in light of the mercy and grace we have received)
Heavenly mindedness (seeking to build the kingdom of God, not a lifestyle of self pleasure),
Contentment (satisfaction, praise, and thanksgiving for the sovereign gifts and workings of God in your life)
Diligence (disciplined to use the means of God faithfully, willingness to work for what is worthy),
Discernment (ability to apply scripture all matters of life including all teaching),

All these must be foremost sought after with one goal in mind: to glorify God. In some small effects a few of these are sought after even by the world but not with a proper motive to glorify God but with an eye to gain something. Many are things that the world cannot define because they are found only in the revealed nature of God; for instance how could an unbeliever define holiness, contentment, etc..
An unbeliever can not be a good father, because he cannot lead or model to his children Christ. Thus the call to fatherhood in the scriptures is absolutely unique from the world and impossible in and of ourselves, but can only be achieved through the father's pursuit of God's heart and glory!

A father must discipline a child for the good of that child; as opposed to the pride of the father. A good way to alleviate the stress of discipline is to expect it, to expect the necessity of it. Also to not expect instant change but to look at discipline as a form of sowing seed that must take time and will be worth the work. Discipline must be consistent in all moods, if an act of disobedience makes you want to laugh or is done in such a 'cute' way, it still needs to be dealt with or the child will be trained to think that as long as he/she is charming then it doesn't matter what they do.


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