Friday, January 16, 2009

Mind on heavenly things: AMERICA

I want to encourage all those who are deeply stressed over the many affairs of our nation, the leaders, the economy, the war, the schools whatever it may be. I want to encourage you to remember that this is first God's America, not because of how America was founded but because of the Sovereignty of God, He is IN control. It is true that within every nation and every change that comes in that nation, God may be choosing to bless that nation or judge that nation, yet as Christians we need never fear either way, because we are in the hands of God and He WILL bless US. We must strive to have one desire, and that one desire must be 'God whatever happens let it be MOST to YOUR glory!"
Perhaps we are already being judged, and in ways we don't recognize; perhaps we are being judged in all our freedoms and democracy???!!! Perhaps the 'successful' rise of so many FALSE churches and leaders is great condemnation over us.
Perhaps Obama is a blessing and that greater than Bush? Consider that some of the greatest blessings and reversals in the history of Israel came through some wicked men that God moved to do exactly what He wanted. Obama wasn't voted in by the majority, God placed him there. We should give equal prayer to this leader as any other and certainly that God would save him (NOT FOR THE NATION but for HIS OWN SOUL-God have mercy on HIM!!!).
There is one way in which it will be a nice change, at least the majority of Churches won't being going out of their way to make him look like a remarkable reformer like they did with Bush everytime he mentioned God.
The battle is in the mind! Do you suffer much from anxiety and are you very pessimistic? Can i give you some good advice? STOP WATCHING so MUCH news, it's not fruitful, it's typically one-sided. This is why the Lord, had Paul write in Philippians 4:6-8 what we should give our thoughts to. Focus more upon the good news of the gospel, and the expectation of a heavenly kingdom. When's the last time you really focused on the gospel? When's the last time you spoke of the gospel? I don't mean only witnessing but when's the last time your fellowship with another was centered on the gospel?

I just the other day listened to this very good message from Stephen Lawson, please listen as well---


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