Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Preaching tastes? What's you fav flavor

What kind of preaching do you like? What flavor of God's word is your favorite?
Sound silly? I'm being serious, there are many people that talk of the word and it being preached like a Dairy Queen menu.
I have spoken and heard preachers in pulpits that will name the subjects they don't like to mention. Perhaps you might be able to guess some of them, usually it's something NOT very encouraging *at least not in a fuzzy teddy bear type of way. Some subjects are avoided due to the audience, the pew controls the preaching in many churches.
Let's list a few things: Hell, Homeschooling, Biblical Courtship, Exposing of Heretics and heretical organizations (who claim to be evangelical), the doctrines of Grace and so on. Much of what is avoided is not because of the lack of biblical clarity, but lack of 'majority' acceptance. There are things that were preached in the days of Spurgeon and before that you have to strain to find. You might reply 'well we don't have that problem because we preach through the bible' I would reply that preaching through whole books of the bible doesn't mean you preach the whole counsel of God; it's not hard to only mention some parts and zone in on what you want to zone in on. Unless you're like a Lloyd-Jones and go slowly through books then you'll skip stuff like most do. This always amuses me when someone tries to exalt this type of preaching to the point where they mock all others (let's not forget there's many well known preachers that didn't normally preach through books--Spurgeon for one).
Good preaching is truth preaching that confronts you, that convinces you, and that comforts you!!! SO what type of preaching do you like, do you ignore preaching that gets personal? Do you not like it when a man preaches like he BELIEVES there is A HELL? Do you not like when the preacher points out an area that you are currently failing in? Do you respond with defense and refusal? Are there truths within the scriptures which you really love, but others which you don't like thinking about?
DO you know what it is to pick and chose pieces you like? It's IDOLATRY!!! You have concocted a God of your imagination. Take a common one like Hell, do you consider it a harsh topic, something to avoid, something which makes God look different? If you do then you have wrongly understood His Holiness and His Justice. DO you not realize that God is GLORIFIED in damning men to HELL! What would be your reaction to an announcement of a six part preaching series on Hell coming up at your church? (Would you react the same to a six part series on the love of God?)
What's balance? 50-50 right? WRONG, not on GOd's scale. We should emphasize what God does, we should be silent on what He does. We should be crazy and forceful where He is and gentle and tame where He is.
I truly believe that a unbalanced view of God, especially on often neglected subjects leads to a low appreciation of His grace, a low fear of His Holiness, and a low worship of His glory; consequently a low (depressing, joyless, zeal-less) Christianity!
Do you want to find out where you are in error? Do you welcome truth that challenges everything that you have heard and done? Do you really want the preacher to be vague and to leave you alone?
As regards preaching we can truly say 'no pain, no gain', want to know how God causes your growth? He PRUNES you so you can bear MORE fruit JN 15.


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