Sunday, January 11, 2009

Sexual Lust, Advice from Christian Rap?!

Here is yet another installment concerning what is called 'holy hip-hop'. Despite the overwhelming compromise within 'Christian music' there ARE contemporary artists that are incredibly sound, not the purely entertaining stuff or the purely emotionally soppy stuff. Here is another Song from an artist who is incredibly reformed and theologically precise in his lyrics. This is yet another from Timothy Brindle from his album "killing sin" yes it's practically a mini John Owen on sin in rap form. This song is one part of a series concerning pornography, very helpful.
Please let me first inform and further warn/ Pornography has taken the church by storm/ And I confess that it’s disturbing/ But we must expose the depths of this perversion/ To warn those/ Who never touched it to stay away and help craving slaves of pornos/ Plus this is written for those that play with their sin/ To show them the danger they’re in/ If you’re a regular buyer your playing with fire/ By feeding its raging desires/ Its pictures stick into your brain/ Wicked and profane as addictive as cocaine/ Even mind that defiles/ If you’re hooked the best time to turn back is now/ Because the longer you wait the harder it’ll be/ This is for those who are starving to be free/ Yet certain pastors consider it a norm/ To be dibbing dabbling fiddling with porn/ But that excuse is sick and ludicrous/ To approve of this just because everyone is doing it/ Many explore the internet and view hard core porn in a sec’/ Then walk the intellect/ But will you fall in ministry/ And contribute to this billion dollar industry? / Christians this sin is destroying our lives/ And if you’re married it’s destroying you’re wives/ Because it weakens the union of marriages/ And keeps you from her that you should be cherishing/ Many scoff at abortion/ But turn around and practice this awful distortion/ Of the God goodness of sex y’all look at this mess/ It shows to us God’s not that important.
Hook: Step into the light of Christ and let His word expose your darkness (expose your darkness) 2x
Verse 2: This self worship’s an abomination/ Idolatry worthy of condemnation/ It darkens your soul now your heart is stained/ Consider how awful is this dark exchange/ It’s trading God’s glory for pictures/ And wicked images and abhorring His scriptures/ It’s trading His truth for lies/ Our only hope is Him who was slain and crucified/ Christ our Lord and Savior bore these sins to absorb the anger/ For all moral traitors and glory haters/ He was born and raised to save porn users and fornicators/ So place your trust in Him/ And cultivate God’s hatred for this disgusting sin/ How dare us clog our minds with fogged mentals/ And defile our bodies which are bought temples/ It conceals the Lord’s beauty/ It’s hindered many believers even yours truly/ Porn ruled me it’s so deceiving/ But through prayer and the Word there’s hope for freedom/ Because God the Spirit is more powerful than this/ But without Him your drowning bound in its abyss/ So come armed with scripture/ Without your armor with ya Satan’s darts will hit ya.

Verse 3: So now cut off all access/ Of anything that’ll cause you to slip or make you fall backwards/ Here’s some helpful wisdom/ Disconnect the internet and the television/ Because it’s an idol box in which devout businesses/ Get rich from dishing out images/ And I could spit a lot more toward/ Prime time TV’s soft core porn/ Now may this verse convict you/ At the root of your addiction is a worship issue/ Because you long for fulfillment and pleasure/ But it never ever makes you feel any better/ Porn leaves you duped into thinking/ That it’s rewarding but leaves you feeling like puke when it’s stinking/ And after you’re still annoyed because it didn’t fill the void/ What you need is the realest joy/ Which only comes from pursuing, devoting, embracing/ Communing, and knowing, and praising/ The Glorious Christ robed in splendor/ Who alone fulfills like no contender/ Many feel consumed by their sin/ But the heat of victory is communion with Him/ We’ll begin to love what He loves and hate what He hates/ When we know Him and savor His grace.


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