Wednesday, January 21, 2009

thoughts on prayer

What a grace prayer is, what an opportunity we have. How incredibly transforming was the idea of prayer once Jesus Christ split the veil. The veil split changing forever the access we have before a glorious God. We have now a privilege unknown to the great majority of human history, we have access to the throne of grace. This access is a wonderful grace of God, that God hears our cry to Him. That God welcomes our cries to Him. That Christ not only came as fully God and fully man, but came to endure through physical experience every imaginable trial, fulfilling His life description as a man of sorrows, He was indeed acquainted with grief. We (humanity) leeched upon Him, and did our all to manipulate, change, and abuse Him.
In this abuse, in His daily fight with sinners such as us; He fully grasps experimentally our weaknesses and battles. He sympathizes with us in our weaknesses.
We can come boldly before His throne, knowing that we will receive grace in our time of need. Put no fronts on before God, let it all out; He calls His people to weep with those who weep and to rejoice with those who rejoice, How MUCH MORE will God do this over His children. He seeks to break your pride, but he doesn't crush us, He takes us in our brokenness and carefully mends us. We may be sure He has an answer, we may be sure that we will continue to hold us, to cause us to stand. Do you feel weak then go to Christ for strength. DO you feel void of desire, then go to Christ for passion. Rejoice in the Lord always, for the Lord most High is your father.
I love this prayer song by my lyrically favorite Christian rapper; Shai Linne
(check the other posts about Christian rap; for now just GET OVER your misguided problems with it, and read it. OK better yet if you don't like it ; then MAKE-believe it's just a poem and like it :) )

Heavenly Father, it’s in the name of Jesus I pray
He is the way- for His sake, please receive what I say
First things first, blessed be Your holy name
There’s none like You, You stand alone and you reign
Lord, You know my frame, You remember that I’m dust
Jesus, who overcame- it’s in Him I put my trust
No confidence in the flesh, it’s obvious I’m a mess
No doubt, much more a mess than what I can see manifest
I confess that I daily fall short of Your glory
I’ve failed so many times- my sin’s always before me
I take time to ponder the opportunities I’ve squandered
And how I’m prone to wander from here to yonder
My foolish, restless heart clings to dear idols
Which could never satisfy me- they’re mere trifles
Like David said, You hem me in behind and before
You convict me of the sin that I’ve been trying to ignore
Lord, you see my immaturity, You see my insecurity
You see all my impurity- how long will You endure with me?
My heart’s laid before You- stark naked, undressed
I pray that You would become greater and that I’d become less
Yes, when I see Jesus and His inherent loveliness
I’m reminded of my own comparative nothingness
And actually, I’m as primitive as can be
Compared to His magnificent, infinite majesty
You’ve shown me the glory of Christ, He’s so holy
My only hope is that You look upon the lowly
So I humble myself as I appear at Your throne
Not based on my righteousness, but Christ’s merits alone
I’m crying out for mercy as I magnify Your name
You amplified the pain of the Lamb of God who was slain
So truly, I only have one request that’ll suit me
Please open up my eyes to better behold His beauty


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