Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Being holy, not BUSY

I believe it is very important for a believer to grasp the initial intentions of God Almighty in adopting His children. That first intention being primarily a relational intention. It was God's choice to redeem a people for Himself, a people He would call His children. Much is speculated about glory (heaven) but this we know for sure, God has promised to be there with US in heaven. We are not set aside, we are not placed down the road somewhere, there's no basement! We will be WITH God almighty, He will forever be a REACHABLE father, Jesus said he would come back to take us to be where He was. Jesus' desire was that we would know Him and that we would be ONE with Him. In some aspects we are, yet in EVERY aspect we WILL be with JESUS, we will SEE Jesus. I'm not wondering who I'll meet, even though i love my children dearly, i love my wife, I will NOT be looking for them, I want to BEHOLD and HOLD my Savior. I desire above all things and you WILL too, to in your glorified state give Him worship like you've never given before, you'll give Him ALL your thoughts, you'll give Him all your HEART, you will forever explode with love for Him!
Today believer, grasp that Jesus is more concerned with you BEING His then you are DOING for Him. Being holy, being separated to Him; it's one thing to try to be distinct from the world- the list would go on in how you could do this. Yet a better way, a singular way it's to cling to Christ and let the world fall off you. There's nothing like service which flows from intimacy with Christ. Do you wish to be free from many condemnations, from many failures, then rest in Him. Stop being so concerned with activity, with programs, with witnessing, with preaching, with loving your spouse, with training your children, with being a good church member; The Christian life is not about MULTI-TASKING, it's not about keeping a list of things going in a steady circle: rather set your eyes on ONE thing. Set your eyes on Christ, seek Him to be with Him and as you do this things will be revealed, things will flow, things will fall into place.
Isn't this the strength of the new believer? You get saved and you are so full of grace and love for God that you just SIMPLY, yes SIMPLY start serving God.
In His presence we find motivation like nothing else, we receive tender hearts, we have eyes set to His glory. We easily give grace when we are still chewing on the grace we have received! LEt this be your goal, let this simplicity return as central to all things and watch how things work out. Seek Him for Him, not to be a better this or a better that, but to better know and enjoy HIM!


Ryan Kasza

Amen my brother! hanks you so much for the Voddie B book. Love the full screen/wide screen illustrations...also, some refreshing views on marriage and children...find myself and melissa really enjoying so far. Hope all is well at your end. God bless!

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