Saturday, February 28, 2009

Discovering and Directing SEEKERS

Now of course i know there is no such person as a 'seeker', not in the truest sense.
Yet something which i have always admired and have sought to do is to DISCOVER grace and DIRECT souls to grace.
This type of CONCERN for souls was awesomely displayed in the True Church Conference, and should be modeled by every believer.
CONCERN i say; it takes great concern to take the time to counsel with someone who desires to be a member, desires to labor for God, desires some form of counsel that leads first to the question of "is this person saved?". It takes great concern to deny the human tendency to give false comfort or to add numerical growth to your resume.
This CONCERN, comes first from a proper FEAR of God---> a fear that you would CONFIRM something He has NOT confirmed, a fear that His name would be BLASPHEMED among the wicked because of the wicked lifestyle of someone you just labeled "Christian" (this is EXACTLY what is going on today, to tell someone you are a Christian means a million things today).
This CONCERN, comes from a proper understanding of what the scriptures reveal about TRUE CONVERSION (which sets forth unmistakable evidences of spiritual life).
This CONCERN, lastly comes from a proper LOVE for souls, a biblical COMPASSION for people (which means you'd rather THEY HATE YOU and be warned and saved, then to love you and perish!)
***********These concerns are inter-related, they CANNOT be separated! Separate them and you will fall into legalism or works-salvation. YET if you have these, if God has BLESSED you with such concerns then you won't go to any extremes, yet you will continuously seek to grow in your understanding and your application of such realities.
I can say without a doubt, that the preachers at the TRUE CHURCH CONFERENCE 2009, had these concerns- it prevented them from extremes, from a form of law. Yet they set forth wise counsel in teaching the God-given principles concerning salvation and the purity of the church.

I share that these concerns MUST be there, because some people will want to buy some book or some guide and PRESS every person into some precise MOLD; looking for certain terminology or certain emotions etc...
In application of what I've said or hopefully what you would listen to in the TRUE CHURCH CONFERENCE sermons; you MUST examine yourself, you MUST ask God to reveal any deficiencies in your understanding or application of true conversion. You must plead with the Lord to shatter any desire to be seen of men (because of numbers) or to be loved of men (by lowering God's standard, telling them what they want to hear); in otherwords you must REPENT!!!!
It's just like asking the question "how to preach with passion?", there is NO ANSWER! Not in the way someone wants it, it's not a matter of mannerisms or tones etc... It's a WORK of God in your soul, it's the same as asking 'how does someone get the 'word in my heart like a FIRE' like Jeremiah?' ..... answer? YOU don't, God DOES. It's a matter of BEING, not doing; we must plead for the GLORY OF GOD to become a reality to us, to consume us in all things and FROM THAT we will be enabled to do the rest!


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