Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Minister pray!!!

I'm just loving my 'lectures to my students', what a convicting book. It's one thing for a man to talk about something and another for someone to do it. WHen it comes to prayer, there are men who actually pray and when they teach on prayer there is conviction and even a hungering to pray. Yet there are those who don't pray much and when they attempt to speak of prayer, there's no reality; you feel as though it's a nice conversation among friends and everyone is just throwing out advice to consider.
Perhaps this is the biggest flaw of ministers today, when they attempt to break apart a figure, a instrument that God used in the past, in order to excel in grace. Yet how worthless it is to read of dead saints, and to ignore the obvious distinctions of those people. Once again i must say we live in a micro-wave society and we seek to get the most out of the least. In regards to ministry many treat it like the lotto, they just give a buck here and there hoping to strike it rich. Yet how dare a man call himself a minister who doesn't go often before the throne of God.
Indeed how much good could each of us receive if only we were more consistent in our seeking of God.
I'm always amazed by the directness about such issues men like Spurgeon were. Of course i could list many who are just as direct today and sadly to say they aren't too popular. Let a dead man say it and it's fine, but press it upon your hearers and everyone is crying 'LEGALISM', that because most haven't a clue what legalism is.
Prayer is the most natural thing, it's the most logical thing, it's the most delightful thing, it's the most transforming thing; Prayer is among all things the test of a minister's heart. A man may have a natural love towards people, a kindly and personable affection towards people, yet not have biblical love. The love which will speak the truth when you know it will be rejected, the love which will sacrifice friendship and peace for the glory of God. The love it takes to make a preacher BOLD before his hearers, the love it takes to administer church discipline.
A man who prays is a man who desires to give men CHRIST and not himself, he goes before God and cries 'without you i am nothing, my words are nothing, i need you to speak through me, they need YOU Lord, restrain my opinions, restrain my cleverness, don't let me get in the way Lord, oh Lord burn this truth upon my heart first i don't want to put on a show, i want to show you Lord, open their eyes to see YOU, open their ears to hear YOU, let your will be done!'

Spurgeon said:
"The minister who does not earnestly pray over his work must surely be a vain and conceited man. He acts as if he thought himself sufficient of himself, and therefore needed not to appeal to God." and "If we are truly humbleminded we shall not venture down to the fight until the Lord of Hosts has clothed us with all power........The preacher who neglects to pray much must be very careless about his ministry. He cannot have comprehended his calling."

As i have said, i believe the most needed advice today among decent preachers, i mean they at least have doctrine; is to PRAY more. What of fasting? Is it for Pharisees or cults? Haven't they perverted a good thing? Well then never mind the weirdos and give yourself to fasting once in a while. Don't you wish people were gripped by the truth you are preaching? Don't you wish for the lost to be saved under your preaching? Don't you care whether people are moved or not? Then plead before the feet of Christ for power, for unction in preaching.
Have you never felt the shame of preaching for a people that you gave little thought to? I speak from experience; that knowledge of your lack of prayer for the good of the people you are ministering to; how i wish we all could say we preached as dying men to dying men, yet the tragedy of some (perhaps most) is that they preach as though there is no hell, as though there is no glory, no Christ, no good news- they speak as though they are speaking about the weather, perhaps they should limit themselves to writing magazine articles because they have no FIRE!
Yet good prayer, i mean real prayer; searching, repenting, worshipping, and intercessory prayer, will ignite FIRE in your words, it will inflame your life and your sermons. It is my conviction that your people will notice the difference as well.


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