Thursday, February 26, 2009

Refreshing T.C.Conference 2009

A conference of conferences was the 2009 True Church Conference on REPENTANCE.
I was more than blessed to be exposed to consistent expository messages concerning repentance. The emphasis under-girding the whole conference was the GLORY OF GOD, from the bookstore, to the missions reports, to the worship and even the fellowship. I was amazed to see the hunger from so many to be under sound and convicting preaching.
This conference was truly unlike anything i have ever heard of, and would go no where in exchange for it. In fellowship before and after service, and even around the bookstore; I was excited to hear of so many churches getting started that were very focused on the preaching of the word, the equipping of men to lead their families, and the saints reaching out to the lost. Also of many churches undergoing intense reformation, seeking a violent return to biblical models.
The preaching as well as the q&a time displayed an unusual amt of careful wisdom (drawing biblical lines) a heart for the glory of God at ANY cost, yet within that a balanced love for the CHURCH and for the LOST!
The LAST day was wonderful, especially the song service; to see such a number of BAPTISTs, of CALVINISTS shaking OFF all the false stereotypes, PRAISING the LORD through MUCH weeping and loss of voice; they worshipped like they believed the words they were singing (go figure!)
Here are some of the sermons so far:

Hopefully more to come:
Paul Washer had TWO sermons that were great, the first he went very calmly and carefully from a manual then he preached more typical later (there's really no typical with Paul unless you only listen to certain 'types' of his messages.

Conrad preached with accuracy and answered questions very insightfully, this is a dear pastor who preaches with AUTHORITY, pratical and passionate!

David Miller of course NEVER ceases to amaze anyone, being that his sermons are preached from memory, including the passages of scripture he quotes (not to mention he's hilarious!)

Jono Sims confronts you with BIBLE PACKED sermons, a unforgetable sermon from the OT
his heart for the lost and concern for the church is more than evident

Voddie Baucham, gave his heart, he preached about brokenness and blessed us all-- his worship q&a was perhaps the best that could be given in a short time (handling styles, unity of age groups, and family worship).

Jeff Noblit gave the insightful advice of a war-hardened soldier who has faithfully ENDURED the hardships of pursuing a BIBLICAL church. His many mistakes has only given him greater zeal for the glory of God and greater care for the souls of men, which spills through each sermon!


Ryan Kasza

I really am looking forward to talking to you about the conference!For some reason I can't post on my own blog at the hospital, but am enjoying the discussion with sharon...I will join in in the am.. God bless bro! Oh- I got to meet your sister...It was great to see your fam last are very blessed!

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