Tuesday, February 10, 2009

You should be slaughtered in prayer

Without a doubt there are themes or scriptures that every minister, every teacher, every witness likes most and that usually due to the plainness of those scriptures.
One which i have often tried to drill upon the conscience of the lost, especially the 'churched' hypocrite is Roms 1:32 Though they know God's decree that those who practice such things deserve to die, they not only do them but give approval to those who practice them. and/or
Philippians 3:19 Their end is destruction, their god is their belly, and they glory in their shame, with minds set on earthly things.
This is especially a favorite among teens when they want to defend some musician or actor who's life is in direct opposition to Godliness.
Perhaps this may apply to you, perhaps God could have justly Slaughtered YOU right in the middle of your prayers! Like many hypocrites your life is defined by a continual pursuit of the pleasures of sin, yet you do a lot to HIDE this before men. Even worse you might try to hide this from yourself, you are self-deceived into thinking you are in good standing before the Lord.
Your crime is that you don't only sin, but you are an agent for sin, you sell sin as though it's wonderful. Like the wicked musician that blasphemes God in his lyrics, speaks of sex, greed, and the pursuit of power as good things. It doesn't just present a picture of the world, but it takes a side, it either promotes it or denounces it. Likewise you speak of sin as though it were nothing, as though it were fun as though everyone should wish to be in your shoes.
It's like the hypocrite that prays for forgiveness in church, he makes his promises and maybe even sheds some tears; but the minute he walks out of service he's back on the phone or among his buddies BOASTING (glorying in his shame) about the SINS he just PRETENDED to be so sorry for. It's amazing that God doesn't destroy you in your prayers, or while you are speaking to the crowd; yet this is the depth of the depravity of man.
Will you lift sin as though it's beautiful? Will you brag about your sexual encounters, the people you've stepped on, the amount of stuff you have, will you brag of all the things you've got away with, leading all who listen to you into hell with you and then turnaround without blushing and put on a "I'm sorry" show before God?
You are wasting your breath, just like that wicked celebrity who thinks it a good thing to thank God for a gift they use to PROMOTE sin, the ONLY god they serve and know is the god of their belly, their sinful pleasures is what they obey and that only!
What should make you blush, what should pull your head down to the dust, those actions, those words, those thoughts that you should never wish to become exposed: You take those things and put them on display to all, not to your humility, but to your pride, you wear them as trophies for all to see! May God shatter your wickedness, can you really have such a low view of sin and claim to KNOW ANYTHING of God?
I call your attention then to the CROSS, look at that bloody cross and blush for it's your indictment! If sin was no big deal then there would be no cross, Jesus Christ as the Holy one was completely OPPOSED to sin. Jesus Christ took upon Himself sin, He wore the shame of sinful men; imagine wearing clothes drenched in the blood of infants or soaked in a sewer. Imagine your child being molested and YOU having to be identified as a registered Sex Offender on the account of the criminal. Yet this is NOT EVEN CLOSE in comparison, for these thing are not beyond what we could do. Yet Jesus was completely SPOTLESS, completely INNOCENT and yet He WILLINGLY endured the pain and shame of the punishment of sin. God held BACK nothing when He PUNISHED Christ n the cross. WONDER AT THIS: The cross was the HEIGHT of Christ's humility, His grace, His OBEDIENCE to the will of the Father. It was at the cross (if it could be said) that Jesus MOST pleased His father (obedient unto death even death upon a cross) YET this is at the same time, where despite ALL THAT, as a substitute for sinners; God UNLEASHED a FULL cup of WRATH onto the glorious savior. The LAMB was SLAUGHTERED on the behalf of wolves. As the only mediator to bring wicked HELL DESERVING rebels forgiveness and fellowship with God, He was treated as though He committed their CRIMES. The Victim, the prosecution, the judge, became the CRIMINAL. What love is this? You will never find, and you will never be able to earn. Flee to this cross, flee to this Christ. Recognize your wickedness, your sins against a holy God, YOUR part in the death of Christ and truly repent, truly turn from your sins and turn to God. You have no other options, brag as you may, but you'll either beg for mercy on earth, or beg for it on your way to hell. Give up your show, give up your hypocrisy because it won't work, be honest before God and seek Him until He gives you peace. When He does give you peace, you will love Him, you WILL hate your sin, YOU will become crosseyed, meaning it will be as though your eyes were opened for the first time and you will begin to see the ugliness of sin and the beauty of God!


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