Tuesday, March 24, 2009

boys to men? pt 1

What a day we live in, i briefly saw something declaring that marriage is being put off longer.
Of course we all see this, too many Christians are getting married too late and having children even later. It's more than obvious that there is a great lack of MEN in the church today, sure there are plenty of adult males, but many of them have never achieved or prepared for manhood!

An ungodly mindset has infiltrated the church, one that has a low view of marriage and children. Too many within the church don't have much difference on their thoughts concerning marriage then the world does. Sure they believe it's inevitable, sure you need it so you can have sinless intercourse and so you don't die lonely but for many it seems to stop there. Still to many, it's plan b (plan a standing for a-musement), isn't life first about having 'fun'?

Overexposure to the media and the adoption of worldly phrases by older saints can surely be added to the list of influences. The media that paints marriage as drudgery and joy-killing, phrases that add to this 'enjoy life while you're young', 'well all that stops when you have kids', 'don't rush...' and so on. On the other hand not enough positive phrases and enough emphasis within the church that includes couples and families.

Having many small children, i can almost predict the comments that most people make. A top comment is usually 'if you think it's wild now, wait until they're all in sports and you're driving them all around' umm I DON'T think so. Sorry our idea of parenting isn't 'quality-time' spent in a van on the way to sports events and ceremonies (although a great way to lose more precious time with them). The message: Marriage with kids is about strain, stress, and constant activity.

Let me not forget also youth groups, which isolate boys from men. There is nothing more healthier then for young boys to be around older men in the faith. Without that, it's very unlikely they'll be challenged to pursue manhood, to think much of commitment and hard work or to even think soberly. Young people and especially immature people can be categorized as constant joksters (clowns) -nothing is serious hence nothing will be too sacred hence nothing really matters!

Even at the True-church conference there were two types of young adults there (as there are in any church); those that appeared to have a level of maturity, honor for older men, seriousness about preparing NOW etc, and then there were those who still acted like they were freshmen in high school, giggly jesters who weren't too talkative unless you mentioned movies, music groups or video games!

The biblical pattern is without a doubt 'the older teaching the younger'. Consider Solomon writing Proverbs for young men, which is filled with warnings, challenges and encouragements. This should serve as a model for what the older should teach the younger (women too!). The older should warn the younger of the pitfalls of life, of what is valuable and what is vain. What is honorable and what is shameful. They need to be encouraged to REJECT the mindsets of this world, to value diligence, integrity, faithfulness, work, commitment, humility, simplicity, holiness etc...


Ryan Kasza

Uh, I beleive it's spelled Boyz II Men.

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