Sunday, March 15, 2009

Call sin, SIN

Call sin, SIN?!
Well you know we as mortals have this tendency to cover things very nicely, to use words to such an effect that they become excuses. More importantly whether it's in preaching, fellowship or witnessing we need to call sin, sin. It's too easy for a preacher to attempt to apply a particular passage without pointing out possible roots of sin causing some sort of defect. Take a sermon attempting to give peace to it's hearers about not being stressed about what's going on in the world but failing to point out that the primary reason may be the sin of unbelief, or the sin of not submitting to God's Sovereignty, or the sin of complaining etc... Likewise if you were to speak on stewardship, especially concerning finances, or lack of support for missions, or undue strain of both parents working (with overtime) and FAIL to speak on the sin of materialism, idolatry, and greed or the sin of the fear of man (wanting to keep up with the times). On the flipside not bringing in the wonderful expectation of glorification, the joy of eternity with Christ is equally ridiculous-- THIS is legalism, you'll leave people not being able to recognize the PROBLEM nor understanding the PROMISE and only left with what 'should' be, hence they will attempt to do so in their own strength!
We must call sin, SIN!
This is also needful when speaking to the lost, don't be general, get specific; especially if you know them. Getting away from using words like 'tendencies', 'bad habits', 'mistakes', 'problems' otherwise we fall into the psychological trap of making people feel like victims and not rebels.

Never let a man think he 'just' has that 'one' problem that needs fixin. No you have more than a drinking problem, your heart is CORRUPT and can't be mended. You NEED A MIRACLE, if God doesn't change you (your heart=will) then nothing good can be done. In fact it's not that God sees some good in your bad, but even in your so called 'good' there is wickedness!
While in fellowship, specifically when confessing to another or apologizing; let's stay FAR away from using cover-ups for our sins, in our your faults, expose the sins-otherwise how will you be free from them?
Sorry about being a 'little emotional' (you mean self-centered, having a pride filled pity-party, choosing to escape blame by playing the victim)
Sorry about being 'grumpy, edgy or moody,' (you mean hateful, jealous, wanting you to disappear, not caring about your problem)
Sorry about being a little too honest, getting carried away, joking too much, (you mean mean-spirited, speaking death, condemning, deceitfully covering up my pride and lust, exalting myself above others, wanting to get back at you through my jokes)
AND ALL THE other things you, we do to cover our wickedness and which leaves us no better nor does it leave others helped or affected.


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