Sunday, March 15, 2009

Heart after God

I have the great privilege of reading over the life of David at present. Surely he's one of my favorites; so much that can be learned and forewarned of.
I suppose it's needful to point out that we need to always keep in mind that what we read is ALL that we need to KNOW, that those thing were written for our example, and that there is much we can learn from the successes and failures of biblical men and women. With that in mind let us not miss where we should be looking for comfort or comparison, also keeping in mind that we who have a fuller new testament Holy Spirit indwelt and empowered conversion won't fall into the same pitfalls.
It's David's repentance that stands out among others, and his humble acknowledgment of God's sovereignty (not willing to kill Saul), also his passionate pursuit of God (one thing i desire... my soul pants...)!
If the choice was given to you, would you rather have a heart like David or a mind like Solomon? I suppose that's something you have already have answered in your actions. The proper answer is to desire to have a 'heart after God', of course if this was a popular blog then a bunch of cold Calvinist blog junkies would attempt to point out that you first need theology and so on. A man who is chiefly concerned with pursuing God's heart WILL be concerned with knowing more of Him, yet we HAVE to admit that there are many that without such 'precise' knowledge that ARE walking with the Lord and honoring Him in their lives while on the otherhand it can't be refuted that there are many who have knowledge but bring no GLORY to God. Sensitivity towards the heart of God is VITAL to maturity in Christ, let me find a believer who walks in the simple faith of 'Lord here am i send me or what must I do or examine me and reveal any wicked way in me' and i'll show you a believer with MUCH fruit!
"The glory of God" say it till your blue in the face, but without being primarily concerned with nurturing an INTIMATE relationship with Christ this will NOT take place. Often to have more intimacy there must be deeper commitment and greater sacrifice. We must welcome despite the over-used fad, the daily questioning of WWJD? There's just no simpler way of defining the Christian life, this above should answer most questions about holiness, of course this with the understanding that our motivation is to be closer to the heart of God. It's not a matter of detached rule-keeping but a matter of no longer wanting to live for ourselves but for Him who bought us; a love fueled obedience! It's a "Lord does this please you or Lord does this grieve you?" lifestyle, do you remember those days when you walked by such faith and heart devotion?
What a wonder that we need to have such reminders, we in our 'maturity' make it so complicated and are much too quick to walk in weak faith.
David was a man convinced of God's mercy, he ALWAYS appealed to God's mercy; which illustrates David's humility in knowing that he could earn NOTHING! We must appeal to the MERCY of God in our pursuit of Him. We must plead for the MERCY of deeper intimacy with Him. CHURCH! Listen UP: If you EVER expect any lasting blessing from God then you MUST plead for mercy, a church that doesn't pray much is a church that is walking in pragmatism; call it expository preaching, call it reformed theology, call it family-integrated, call it 9marks, call it what you may but without passionate pleadings before God for conversions and for growth in grace then it's all reliance on the abilities of men, it's a white-washed tomb!
I just love the example of David worshipping after he brought back the ark into the city. Here we see David giving constant sacrifices and worshipping with an unheard of intensity. The BEST worship ALWAYS springs forth from a greater revelation of God, and usually God reveals more of Himself in our brokenness. David first had great intentions to bring back the ark, but David didn't feel like it was necessary to do it God's way. David was too casual in handling of God, David wasn't too concerned with 'how it should be done' but was only thinking of getting it done! Well one man had to pay dearly for this when the ark slipped off the cart and he thought he could just touch the 'presence' of God. Well this Uzzah died instantly and when David realizes his plan wasn't working, he got frustrated (which is the typical response of pride-filled plans gone wrong). You don't do this right? No way would you get mad when things don't work out or you don't see any fruit? Have you ever asked 'am i/we doing something wrong?'
The scriptures declare that David 'feared the Lord..' because of this judgment, which at first David allows that fear to cause him to do nothing. Which now to think of it, might have been the right thing to do, if it's in the sense of not wanting to move forward without the blessing of the Lord. Yet I'm thinking that wasn't the case since David wasn't ignorant of the prescribed 'how' of handling the ark.
Yet praise God, David repents! (if you had to give a title to the life of David it should read; David, the repenter!) David recognizes he was in the wrong, it was his fault that things went the way they did, it was his LACK of fear towards the Lord that made him carelessly handle the ark of God. David was a man who was broken by God, the Lord often wounded the heart of David with deep remorse; which is why David has such intense worship in his obedience. At this time, Davids' obedience is the fruit of his God given repentance!
May we too seek the mercy of God, that He would break us and cause us to walk in fuller worship to Him!


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