Tuesday, March 24, 2009

mixed blessings-sickness and birth

What a week!
My two year old (the other twin) Judah, had a rapid fever which brought on a seizure Weds night just after we finished dinner and were about to begin our devotions. He's pretty much the only 'calm' child so i didn't even notice that he wasn't just laying still but was having a seizure. My wife noticed it and knew what it was, we called 911 and she spoke to them while I was praying with Judah. The ambulance took him to the hospital and my dear wife went (who would be giving birth two days later). Naturally this was scary and emotional-- yet not overwhelming thanks to the grace of God. About a hr or so later we finally had our devotions and i put the children to bed, yet to my joy (which wasn't on my mind), my wife also went through our devotions with Judah while they were at the hospital (chapter in Exodus, some songs and prayer), i just love her and God in her!

It was certainly all in His hands, well several hrs later everything was fine and i picked up Judah and my wife about 1am. I guess that can happen to a small child when fever comes on to fast, of course all the medical knowledge in the world doesn't mean anything to me, it's not something I'd find any comfort in. Yet i now a great Physician and a even greater Father who does what is best. Even in that brief trial God was doing something, praise be to Him!

My sixth boy was born on Fri @ 9pm -Ezra Daniel. The pain killer (reliever) was pretty much all gone by the time the pushing was to begin, she chose NOT to get the epidural shot (which she has only had once before) and when i asked why? She remarked that she'd rather feel like 'we' were doing it together. Lovely indeed but certainly nothing any guy would chose to go through. It's nice to hear the Dr and nurses to speak of how amazingly different of a birth this was. Only by the grace of God! The only audible words during the delivery were "is he out yet?" and "Jesus" of course we had some soft worship music in the background. I couldn't get the digital photo frame to work properly so i (at my wife's request) put a slide show (of the family) on my laptop with worship music (on while she was at the hospital)

It's beautiful to look back at what the Lord has done and to think of how greatly He has changed you. I with two other siblings only desired the large American family of three and my wife with two other siblings NEVER wanted to have children! Yet for both of us, shortly after conversion we were BIBLICALLY convinced that children were a blessing. I sensing the call of God on my life even before conversion and also first being exposed to a faithfully diligent British Pastor who lived very modest, was by this convinced that God provides for His children even though they may suffer. Of course being exposed to church history, the persecuted church (worldwide), and first being among many poor inner-city churches only STRENGTHEN my faith in God's faithfulness. As a side note: I've noticed among churches that are more suburban and financially better off more complaints and stress as opposed to some poor inner-city churches where i was exposed to frequent testimonies and calls to 'trust God'. Hmm that's something to write on later....... (The majority of America doesn't even grasp or ever will have to grasp what a real economic crisis is)
Ok now back to the subject at hand.

Truly the Lord has blessed our paths and strengthened our faith. I bless the Lord for such a family and truly i don't deserve it. Here we are now reformed in our theology, yet so much was already there which now is just clearer and laid out with a firmer foundation.

It's sad to think of all the camps and extremes that abound in America, yet we miss so much because we are constantly overreacting to these extremes and missing out on what the scriptures speak on.

Imagine me and my wife coming to convictions about homeschooling and allowing God to 'open' or 'close' her womb based upon scripture and not something we were exposed to. I mean this was early on in our Christian walk, while we were in a Pentecostal church and very Arminian ( i was certainly anti-Calvinist until i found out all the preachers i really liked were). We used to believe a whole lot in the 'ability' of man and the 'choices' of man, of course including the possibility of losing one's salvation and even with that, in our daily decisions we seemed to have more of a living trust in the Sovereignty of God then most five-pointers i know now. No legalism, no special groups, no life changing conference, just plain old simple faith that read the scriptures and believed it! You tell something like this to people today and they think 'so you're part of this.....' 'well you have to beware of this.......' doesn't anyone search the scriptures anymore, put away all your useless experiences about groups.
As our marriage started out, i pray it will end even firmer and that all to the glory of God! If it brings greater glory to His name to crush us then so be it, what else really matters. What joy is there in comfort if we aren't conformed to Him and aren't living testimonies?
These are the times that only remind me how crucial and how much more important is the 'godly character' of my children. I'd rather have them crippled and holy, then All-star athletes who later become Neurosurgeons! My only joy and my only peace regarding them, will be genuine evidence of 'life' in Christ and a pursuit of His glory!



Praise God for you and Chele and my beautiful nephews. Praise the Lord that He, in His sovereignty, chose to give us more time with precious Judah, and to get to know His new creation, Ezra!

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